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Summary [03.13.2011]

 e = mc2 -- relationship between matter and energy
 e = hv -- relationship between energy and frequency
 hv = mc2 -- relationship between frequency and mass
 h = Planck's Constant   /  c = Speed of Light Constant
  v = frequency (variable) /  m = mass (variable)



e = mc2

There is but one Substance in the Universe.

From our 3+1 dimensional view, we name that substance
"Energy" and "Matter" and "Void."

Yet, there is but one seamless whole,
The Quantum of the One.

What the Underground Stream remembers as a
Secret of the Mystery Schools, that

"All that is, is Light"

is more precisely put in Einstein's famous Equation.
An equation equates. A is A.
e is m
(times something called c squared).
Energy is mass. There is one Substance.

But, what does it mean, to multiply mass "times"
the speed of light (squared)?
It does not make sense to the 3+1 mind.

But it does urge that mind onto higher dimensions--

Motion, that is, time, is the added factor
(and hidden as
s2 under each side of the equation).

We live in Space-time, not just a static cosmos.
We are Matter-Energy, not just inert stuff --
Everything is made of discrete pieces of Stuff,
of the Quantum of the One.

The equation of matter and energy leads us to a deeper
religious knowledge of the Oneness of All.

The very form of the Equation leads us to a
deeper knowing of its meaning: "
e" is energy.
It arises from the Rune Eol, the Twin Horses,
which symbolizes the integration of effort.

The "m" of mass leads us to Matter, which is Mother,
and the Rune Mann, which is humanity.
The density of Substance, the Womb of Potential.

The "c" is from the Rune Ken, which is the Torch,
and Illumination of the Mind --
the apt source of the Inner Light that
unites Matter and Energy, and,
as Light (c) links the Two into One,

Thus, All that is, is Light.

And hidden within is "s" -- Soluz --
the Sun Rune... and Light again...


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Another way of stating the equation, e = mc2
is to substitute an alternative phrase for "e" (energy) in the equation.

Since e = hv, where "h" is Planck's Constant of Action and
"v" (or, sometimes "f") is frequency (vibration), we can rewrite the equation,

hv = mc2.

Since "h" and "c" are Constants of Nature
(h, the Smallest Quantum of Energy and c, the Speed of Light)
it is clear that the only characteristic which distinguishes
different "m's" (masses of matter) is the frequency ("v") thereof.

For each mass there is a frequency (and since mass is energy, energy is frequency).

Whatever is, is frequency.

Frequencies or cyclical factors are central to our experience of time
(yes, time is also in Einstein's equation -- but since this s2 is on both sides,
as the divisor, it is not usually written -- hv/s2 = mc2/s2).

Thus all aspects of our 4 dimensional Uni (One) verse (Word)
are expressible in frequencies linked by the Constants of Energy and Light.

Thus, "All that is" is Frequencies of Light in Action.



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Third Meditation on the One


Strings and branes* vibrate
In eleven ways --
That's what hides in the quanta!


Light is the key
For harnessing
Zero Point energy



* String Theory's "Membranes" vibrate in all of the 11 dimensions of reality.

Fourth Meditation on the One

To Telos - The End of the Cosmos

From dark energy
Accelerates universe.

Local galaxies
Collide -- the rest disappear.
Universal Fate?

Then the Local Crunch
And it starts over again.
The Breath of Brahma.

(Inspired by an article in Scientific American)

Rev. Esnur



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