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The Baruch Park Exorcism

Well, May 1, 1976 was the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Bavarian Illuminati. It was, as can sometimes happen in New York City on a Spring day, glorious, mild and sunny. A perfect day to exorcise demonic forces at the UNO.

A sacred number of us (5*, I recall -- but, then, all numbers are sacred) gathered at noon, some blocks from the annual May Day Smoke-In, in the park across from the UN tower. With an early printing of Principia Discordia in hand, a formal Erisian Exorcism was held, to the great delight of the two "New York's finest" who drove by to see what was up.

They had no idea, nor did the illuminist cadres in the tower, but the world was certainly going to change. A little pebble tossed at the mountain, one might think; as was the Harmonic Convergence, or the proposition that Only Love Prevails. Yet by the revolutionary year 1989, walls were collapsing and old rigidities giving way.  By the New Millennium, the World was becoming hyper-linked and as chaotic as Goddess could wish!

What was exorcised at that symbolic spot on that symbolic day? What did our minds conceive that we could, communally, receive?

Just the end of the old and the coming of the new. Hiding in plain sight.

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