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The Monad, circa 1971


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Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Article 18 - "Everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion; this right includes freedom to change his religion or belief, and freedom, either alone or in community with others and in public or private, to manifest his religion or belief in teaching, practice, worship and observance."

Church Basics

The truth is everywhere...

The LifeSpirit Congregational Church (www.lifespirit.org) is a recognized religious body, church and private association of independent Congregations, auxiliaries and church affiliated organizations, founded by Ralph Fucetola and Kathy Greene Fucetola in 1974, mutually supporting certain positive New Age Teachings, engaging in associational expression.  See:  The Golden Rule and Sacred Texts.


The Church provides religious, charitable, research and educational services to the New Age, and its Trustees are incorporated under New Jersey law. Chief among its Teachings is that Higher Consciousness is the true Goal of each Seeker. It also teaches the Law of Equal Liberty: "Do with your own as you will." and the Doctrine of Retreat, which urges the Congregations to eschew secularism. It considers concern with psychic functioning, longevity, living alternatives, healing, mysticism and illumination to be appropriate religious concerns. It sponsors spiritual energy work and licenses and ordains minister practitioners upon due education and certification.  It teaches the Great Truth,


It sponsors traditional religious ritual, such as Marriages, Namings, Memorials, and, celebrates, together, four High Holy Days (the equinoxes and solstices), to express our oneness with the Great Cosmic Cycles of Gaia, Luna and Sol (Rituals). The Teachings have led several of the Congregations, working through church approved auxiliary bodies, to Act in the World by expressing healing and teaching Ministries (Locals).


LifeSpirit Center provides spiritual and holistic services to the New Age and alternative community, including information about alternative modalities (from its hundreds of files of such information). LSC sponsors workshops Spiritual Energy Workä and Bioenergetic Nutritionä for the Alternative and New Age Communities and its Minister Practitioners offer private consultations in BioAcousticsä and Bioenergeticsä (Services). The Center also is founding sponsor of the Online Memorial Park www.onlinecemetery.org, an internet facility for the archiving and memorializing of internet information and personalities.

The LifeSpirit Theological Seminary provides teaching services leading to advanced theological degrees:

Thus the members seek their highest potential as individuals through the Teachings, while the Congregations practice Retreat & the Ministries witness the Teachings through voluntary and non-coercive commitment in the wider community, for, as the Doctrine of the Church says, "the Spirit of Life is spontaneous & free." The Church and its Congregations, Auxiliaries and Ministers do not diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease. Up-to-date Church information is published at the Church Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/LifeSpirit-Church . All rights reserved.


Eris, Pancreatrix

History of the Church

In 1974, after a series of private Symposia at the University where several of us were or had been students, a small group of incipient New Agers formed what has become the LifeSpirit Congregational Church (until 1985, Libertarian Congregational Church) -- the LifeSpirit Collaborating Congregations or LifeSpirit Organization. Founding trustee Ralph Fucetola (biogrf.htm), was, at that time, beginning a law career, representing small churches, holistic practitioners, alternative enterprises and political or social dissidents. Founding trustee Kathy A. Greene (biogkag.htm) was beginning her exploration of alternative modalities. These activities continued as the ministry grew. Our exempt status was recognized in 1975 and a Group Exemption was issued in 1976.

The LCC currently includes a half dozen active congregations (Congregations), providing New Age teaching services, and such religious activities as Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations (Ritual). At the same time, our personal spiritual quests continue and broaden as New Age phenomena evolve. The Spirit of Life quickens as we enter the New Millennium. For more links on the church congregations and auxiliaries: www.lifespirit.org.

In recent years the Church and LifeSpirit Center (http://www.lifespiritcenter.org/) have worked cooperatively with several recognized Exempt Organizations and churches in areas of mutual interest. In a few cases, LifeSpirit Organization has temporarily hosted their web sites, as they developed their on-line presence. These organizations include:

Institute for Health Research
Sound Health Research Institute

LifeSpirit Center also maintains The Online Cemetery
as a church activity and a virtual memorial park.

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LifeSpirit Church Organization & Trustees

The Trustees of the central LifeSpirit Organization are Kathy Greene (biogkag.htm) Chairperson, Ralph Fucetola (biogrf.htm) and Brother George, constituting the Council of Trustees.

The organization of the Church is structured with independent local congregations and their integrated auxiliaries and church-affiliated organizations relating through central church organs (the LifeSpirit Organization) operating through the First Congregation and the Trustees. The central church organs include the Congregation of Elders (all of the Elder Members of the Church meeting at the Annual Meeting in September of each year), the Council of Elders (representatives of the local congregations overseeing joint financial concerns), the Council of Trustees (overseeing the operations of the Church) and the Council of Prophets (the Founders as High Priest and Priestess, overseeing the Doctrine of the Church and the Orders, as Ecclesiastical Supervisors thereof).

The post-WWII era has been an era of great contrasts. Some individuals have realized exciting spiritual, social, scientific and technological advances. At the same time, much of humanity has faced continued poverty, vicious politics and state-sponsored brutality. Now even the "totalitarian third" of humanity is experiencing liberating change. All people, though, have had common lessons to learn about how Only Love Prevails and how to deal with a rapidly escalating climatological and ecological disaster. New Age beliefs arise from these conflicting concerns, and speak from the Last Quarter of the Old Millennium to the Dawning of the New Millennium, with a unification of modern and ancient spirituality.

Further information:  Roster of Ministers.
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Homilies for the New Age.


Further historical information about the Church can be found as follows:

Memorable Events in Church History

The First Two Decades of Church Bulletin Articles and publications:
The LifeSpirit Commentaries (about 170k)

Current Bulletin, lsbcurrent.htm; Bulletin Archives, lsbarchive.html

Messages from the Chair, 1996 - 2001, From The Chair [Previous Bulletin Messages from KAG]

Homilies for the New Millennium, Homilies - 1996 - 2002, [Ralph's homilies, sermons and rants]

Previous Bulletin announcements and selected news notes [new for 2002/3], lsbarchive.html#Special

Sacred Texts: The Book of Illuminations, BofI.htm and The Book of Passages, BofP.htm

LifeSpirit Teachings Page - Links to LifeSpirit and Other Teachings

NEW!! LifeSpirit on YouTube http://youtube.com/LifeSpirit

LifeSpirit Theological Seminary - LTS-Index


Memorable Events in the History of the Church

August 23, 1974 -- Founding of the Church

May 1, 1976 -- Baruch Park Exorcism, baruchparkexorcism.html
(The World has changed since then, as though some Thing had been exorcised...)

April 13, 1986 -- Uncle Bob on the WWW - One of the earliest online chats (pre-graphical interface) was held at the LifeSpirit parsonage in Morristown. Robert Anton Wilson chatted about a number of issues online while at a LifeSpirit gathering; transcript at:  http://www.lifespirit.org/RAW-1986-chat.html

August 17, 1987 -- Harmonic Convergence
See: LifeSpirit Commentaries, Where Were You When the Harmonies Converged? Comments.htm - Harmony

September 21, 1995 -- Reopening Tri-Pod Rock Spiritual Energy Vortex, Tri-Pod

September 21, 1997 -- Establishing the Crystal Dragon Circle, dragoncircle.html

July 13, 1999 -- Establishment of LifeSpirit main web portal, www.lifespirit.org

December 31, 1999 / January 1, 2000 -- The Gathering of the Gods
Confirming the phrase, "Party like it's 1999!"
 (Well, we did stave off universal disaster...)

November 27, 2000 -- Angelic Visitation, encounters.html#Angel
 - always the indeterminacy between Reality and its divine twin, Illusion.
 - establishment of LifeSpirit Close Encounters Blog: www.close-encounters-blog.net

August 8, 2001 -- First Day over 250 hits
First 1,000 Hit Week on the LifeSpirit Web Sites, http://www.lifespirit.org/

September 25, 2002 -- First Day over 1,000 hits

December 23, 2002 - Religious Injunction Against Vaccinations

August 27, 2003 -- Mars Close Peace Encounter Ritual at the Dragon Circle, marsencounter.htm

November 8, 2003 -- Harmonic Concordance Lunar Eclipse Ritual, harmonic-concordance.htm

May 8, 2004 - World Harmonic Medicine Wheel at LifeSpirit Prayer Grove, peaceprayer.htm -Medicine-Wheel

August 2004 - One Year of Average Monthly Web Site Hits of Over 500 Per Day!

November 28, 2004 - Establishment of LifeSpirit Website (to view or post)

July 11, 2005 - Opening Dimensional Gate at the LifeSpirit Prayer Grove

March 30, 2006 - First day over 10,000 hits on LifeSpirit sites

April 29, 2007 - Established LifeSpirit YouTube portal: http://youtube.com/LifeSpirit

June 13, 2007 - Established AI Outreach Ministry: www.FirstAIChurch.net

January 8, 2008 - Founding of the LifeSpirit Theological Seminary: LTS-Index

July 23, 2008 - Opening the LifeSpirit Meditation Pathway - http://youtube.com/watch?v=4Lmm4uTKiio

October 20, 2017 - Inaugeration of Weekly Intentionality Circle - http://www.lifespirit.org/LifeSpiritPrayerCircle.html

October 25, 2019 - Binding to Liberty - http://lifespirit.org/BindingTrump.html

November 10, 2019 - Offering the Light Forumula at the OKL Stupa - http://www.lifespirit.org/history.htm#Ritual

Further LCC Historical Links

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Memorandum to the Ministry and the Orders
[10/98 - rev. 05/08/01]

When we established the LifeSpirit Church twenty four years ago, we were not entirely clear as to what would develop -- while "Beginnings are Important" they are also often embryonic. With the passing of years, though, the clarity of our decisions and expectations are being made manifest. The church is a haven for the alternative spiritual values that brought us together in the first place, when, in the early 1970’s our search for spiritual values led to the founding of the Church and the establishment of a Licensed and Ordained Ministry and Licensed Order directed to Minister to the spiritual needs of the communicants and larger New Age community and authorized to perform standard Religious Ritual (Ritual), to educate, research and minister to the sick and suffering (by prayer and spiritual means) -- see Ordination and The Ministry and Alternative Practices.  How to become a Minister Practitioner, LCC-minister-application.htm.

The number of communicants, as shown by the growth of the congregations’ communicants, continues to expand, and we have ordained a few additional minister practitioners, to provide spiritual services to the alternative community. We have several active local congregations at the present time. It seems to us that the new millennium offers further possibilities for growth. Currently, the following are our most active congregations, church-affiliated organizations and auxiliaries.

Information for the Ministry & Ministry Roster

Minister Practitioner FAQs

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Enrolled Local Congregations
For added links to home pages:

First Congregation (Sussex County, NJ), www.lifespirit.org/lifespirithome.html

      LifeSpirit Center; Golden Apple Library
, www.lifespiritcenter.org

Earthbridge (Milford, PA), http://www.lifespirit.org/earthhome.html

[Retired] PAR Awareness (Bergen County, NJ), www.lifespirit.org/parhome.html

[Retired] Northeast Holistic Center (Essex County, NJ), www.healnhc.org, www.lifespirit.org/nhchome.html

Lightwing Center (Morris County, NJ), www.lightwing.org, www.lifespirit.org/lighthome.html

Odiyana Khandro Ling (Holy Garden of Angels / Benson, VT) - http://www.OKL.guru

During the 1990’s our Annual Conventions, usually held on the Saturday nearest the Fall Equinox, adopted several By-Law changes, providing procedures for better oversight of the congregations and the activities of the ministry in its various branches, and of the Orders of the Church.

The Church By-Laws provide for certain financial responsibilities for congregations and ministers. In the past we have always relied on voluntary compliance with annual dues requirements. Now, though, to enable us to better serve as the central Church clearing house, we need all ministers who want to remain active to pay their voluntary Annual Dues during the month they are due, April (please mail to our Newton address or electronically use your credit/debit card or checking account through our Pay Pal donation facility, donations.html). Inactive status is not a termination of ordination, but does suspend the minister’s participation in the LifeSpirit Church, and all the privileges and immunities associated therewith. For our Group Exempt Status, we are required to maintain central Church oversight of the Congregations, Centers (auxiliaries) and Ministries. See, Rules.

We strongly urge each minister to contact Worth Tax & Finance Service www.worthfinancial.com (219-267-4687) and immediately get the Tax Guide for Ministers and Religious Workers. It deals with many issues concerning the ministry, including the extent of professional expense reimbursement and the requirement to show the reasonableness of parsonage allowances.

See also,  The Ministry and Alternative Practices, a Personal Perspective, minlaw.htm.

Roster of Ministers

The official Church Roster of Ministers can be reached here: Roster of Ministers.  The use of the honorific, "Rev." ("Revelator" - one who reveals, through thought, word and deed, the high ideals of Church doctrine) is reserved for ordained Ministers and Minister Practitioners.

Minister Practitioner FAQs

How to become a Minister Practitioner

LifeSpirit Teachings Page
Links to LifeSpirit and Other Teachings - 02/11/06


Church Ritual

The Church Ministry sponsors traditional religious rituals. These include Marriages, Memorials, Namings and traditional Solstice and Equinox celebrations. Samples of such rituals can be found in The LifeSpirit Commentaries, the compilation of early LCC publications, on line at, Comments.htm. This 170k .htm file is bookmarked and indexed. You will find articles on sacraments and ritual and, in its appendix, the following:

Ho'Oponopono of the Spirit of Life
(a variation on the traditional Huna cleansing ritual) - Comments.htm - HoOp

Heart Chakra Opening Dance - Comments.htm - Heart

Wedding Ceremony - Comments.htm - Wed
  LifeSpirit Marriage Ritual Page, LifeSpirit-Weddings.html
  Lightwing Wedding Site, http://www.lightwing.org/

Circle of Light Ritual - lightform.html

We have also published a personal spiritual Clearing Ritual, Clearing.html.

Our Ritual (Instructions) for passing from this Life into the Other is found in
The Book of Passages, BofP.htm.

The Circle of Light Ritual is the fundamental LifeSpirit Ritual, and the Making of the Circle has been repeated hundreds of times by Church communicants at many diverse locations, including, of course, the Crystal Dragon Circle medicine wheel at the LifeSpirit Center parsonage, TriPod Rock (while circling the Rock - www.tripodrock.org), at the Moment of the Harmonic Convergence Sunrise in 1987, in the Halls of Congress (by Dr. Ron Paul's office), at the OKL Stupa in 2019...

OKL stupa - Benson VT


The Heart of the Ritual (and sometimes its only outward manifestation) is the Formula of the Real Light:

Here and Now,
We are in the Light of Love;
We are centered in our own Light;
We are forever in the Real Light.

No negation may enter our Light,
For dark may neither abide
Nor penetrate the Light.
All that enters our Light,
That too is universal Light.
Truly we are surrounded
By a multidimensional Globe of inpenetratable Light --
The Spirit of Life -- the Circle of Light.

 Solar White Light

We radiate the Light eternal
And receive it back again,
Here and Now.

 Formula also at lightform.html.


The Ministry and the Quest
The Order of the Quest


The Great Work of the Ministry and the Orders
is the Quest for the Holy Graal.

The Quest is the great myth of Western Esoteric Consciousness. Remembering ancient Logres (Numinor, Atlantis), the lost realm of the ancient West, the warrior-bard in this Middle Earth (Midgard) seeks Mary of the Tower, the Goddess of the Land, known as the Lady Sovereignty, the Goddess of the Sacred Spring, She who offers the Sacred Vessel, the Holy Graal, with its magic illuminating potency. The Maidens of the Sacred Springs had all been ravaged, and the Old Magic was disappearing from the Land (except, perhaps, in hidden Avalon and still more hidden Faerie).

There were four ancient Hallows that could redeem the Land, in their pagan and later Christian forms. These were the (1) Sword Excalibar (variously the pagan Sword of Bran -- the deity whose living Head is buried under, and guards, London’s White Tower; or the Christian Hallow Sword that beheaded John the Baptist), (2) the Holy Graal (which is Sovereignty’s Sacred Womb, Cauldron of Abundance, and also, later, the Cup the Christ used at his Last Supper, which caught his Life’s Blood at the Crucifixion, or, perhaps, the Womb of his Sacred Woman, Mary Magdalene, carrying forward his Sacred Bloodline), (3) the Lunar Silver Platten (the Panticle, the Tray which held the Atlantian God Bran’s bloody Head, or the Baptist’s) and (4) the Spear of Destiny (Wotan's Sacred Spear on which are inscribed the Treaties (Laws) that Bind the Cosmos, the Celtic deity Lugh’s Solar Phallic Spear, and the Lance which pierced the Christ’s side, baptized in his Blood). These four power objects all received power through blood and are associated, in ancient beliefs and modern pagan practice, with the four directions, the four tarot suites, the Four High Holy Days, and many other fourfold mysteries.

These are the mysteries from which arose the Arthurian Graal legends, spilling from pagan roots, through mediaeval romances, to the gothic fantasies of the German romantics and the odd conspiracies of the Priory of Sion’s sacred Bloodline... The Wounded King is unable to maintain the Spiritual Connection between the Land and its Lady. He is cut off from Her Grace and the Land is dying. It is only the pure of heart who may, after many adventures in this World and the Otherworld, find the Graal, heal the King and restore the Land. The myth has been retold many times, and none better than Marion Zimmer Bradley’s pagan retelling in the Mists of Avalon. (http://mzbworks.home.att.net/)  This myth arises from the glacial meltdown collapse of the First Civilization of Atlantis, of Numinor, and gives Birth, from there, to the Sacred Bloodlines that flowed North and South, East and West, into the kingly lineages of the Sumerian City States, the godking-lineages of the Egyptian Pharaohs, the Mayan priestly lineages, the Fisher Kings of the Northern Realms, and beyond... (some say a tenth part of present day humanity descend from these lines).

The myths tell us about a Golden Age in which the Sky Gods (Asir) were in harmony with the God/dess of the Land (Vanir), who held forth abundance for all. This era lasted to the time of the Old European Civilization, the Megalith Builders. It is the world of peaceful, settled husbandry. And it is a civilization that was washed away by the floods of the melting glaciers and by the hoards of pastoral warrior nomads which marked both beginning and ending of the later Classical Civilizations of Sumer, Egypt, Greece and Rome. Myth and history, the rape of the Goddess, and conquest by the first States, are in each of us. As is the Quest for Liberty. "Higher Consciousness is the Goal of the Free."

In the esoteric understanding of the myth, each Minister - Questor is both the Pure Knight and the Wounded King, and only his (her) Anima, Spirit Self, the Architect of Self Sovereignty, holds the secret key to the power of the Graal. The Graal, in this understanding, is the technical means to the fulfillment of the Quest. It is the Vessel which contains the Mystery of Illumination. Of course, the King is wounded "in the thigh" and the Lady can only be served by one who is Whole and Pure. Thus the Graal both heals the Wound and restores the blighted Land. It is the hope we each have for healing the Wasteland within and without. In modern terms, it is the Frequency of Redemption - the Energetic Balance each Seeker needs to complete him/her Self, on the highest and most harmonious level. And the True Graal of this era consists of the Techniques of Higher Consciousness that can lead to the Beatific Vision. See, The Book of Illuminations.

While the ancient myth is the foundation of Western Mysticism, and hallowed by millennia, it is also the veritable condition of the modern Self. We are, in deed, in a Wasteland of blighted spirituality and morality, where the Graal, bearing the Goddess’s gifts from the Spring of Life, remains hidden away, under layers of cultural conditioning and jealously guarded Secrets (see, The Hidden Stream). The Pure Knight seems nowhere to be found, unless the Seeker, as part of his/her Ministry takes on the Task of becoming that Innocent Fool, with all the Universe to gain.

For it has always and only been the Quest itself that proved, and provided, the Pure Knight. All others fall by the wayside. "Good sir Knight, we are but an hundred poor virgins... will you not stay at our Castle until your wounds heal?" Only the Purest Knight resists all temptations to remain true to the Quest. Only the one Pure Knight can achieve the Graal and return with its healing power.

And each Questor must find, for him or her Self, the Way to the Goddess Sovereignty, to the Lady who holds forth the Golden Cup which both completes the Quest and restores the World to its original purity. "If the doors of perception were cleansed, the world would appear as it is, infinite..." Wm Blake.  And then, you would know that you are God.


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Ministers' Code of Conduct

1. Ministers shall always abide by the injunction, "non-aggression against non-aggressors."

2. Ministers shall, when acting on behalf of the Church, practice "Retreat from the Evils of the World" and not seek confrontation with the instrumentalities of coercion.

3. Ministers shall be guided by the knowledge that Illumination is the Goal of the Free; they shall expose illusion, coercion and falsity, condemning these as violations of the LifeSpirit.

4. Ministers shall, when ministering to others, always act with informed consent and shall Do No Harm.

 See also:

The Holistic Practitioners Code
LifeSpirit By-Laws, lccbylaws.html
Ministry Rules, Rules.
LifeSpirit Religious Beliefs re: Vaccination.
How to become a Minister Practitioner, LCC-minister-application.htm.
Minister Practitioner FAQs

LifeSpirit Teachings Page
Links to LifeSpirit and Other Teachings - 02/11/06



LCC Sacred Texts
The Book of Illuminations
The Book of Passages

Other Primary Texts
The Hidden Stream
The LifeSpirit Commentaries
Close Encounters Journal
Haiku for Godlings
New Age Rune Poem

Meditation on the One

LifeSpirit Teachings Page
Links to LifeSpirit and Other Teachings - 02/11/06

LifeSpirit on YouTube - 04/29/07


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The Golden Rule


Philosophers & prophets have thought to encapsulate Ethics in a simple Rule of interpersonal interaction, of Human Action, often called the Golden Rule. The phrasing of any version of the Rule can tell much about the basic assumptions underlying the beliefs thereby summarized.

The Buddha urged those who sought Enlightenment to "not do unto others as you would not have them do unto you". The Nazarene taught, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you." From this difference in phrasing, the differing Christian and Buddhist worldviews arise. Confucius' version was similar to that of Buddha, and Chinese culture proved more friendly to Buddhist thought than its native India. Herbert Spencer's Law of Equal Liberty is a like type of Rule. It is often stated as, "Each has the right to do with his or her own as he or she will". This may be reformulated into "Golden Rule" form as "do with your own as you will" (& appears as such in LCC teaching). Magus Allister Crowley utilized (as is to be expected) the most extreme version of the rule: "do as you will".

Logicians know "yes" and "no" are two sides of a three sided coin. "Indeterminate" is the third and determining factor. The deepest nature of Universe is shown not by what is or is not, but rather, by what may be possible. To "do as you will" is to proclaim the Ethics of Indeterminacy: the primacy of Self in the World of Illusion.

Issues of Morality are Three-valued. There is "doing the right thing"; there is coercion; and there is not-doing. Often where the consequences of action are not known, where the situation is very fluid, or where a type of "Indeterminacy" may be said to be present (where, as the Italians say, Cose e se ve pare, "Things are as they seem to you") the Art of Non-Action is a proper moral art to express.

In such situations, the Golden Rule cannot always give us clear guidance. Except, perhaps, Buddha's formulation can speak to the subtleties of Indeterminate Morality, cautioning, "Do no harm". These considerations will become even more significant as humanity begins to open to more communication and interaction with Transhumanity.

And What is Transhumanity? The Transhuman are those (whether earthly, extraterrestrial or even extradimensional) who are evolved beyond what has been considered "human" (but which is just a type of bestial or primate intelligence). The Seed of True Humanity (which is what we are) has now evolved to the point where it can be surpassed. Surpassed by What? This is a confusing issue, but it is certain that the New Age does prepare Humanity to be surpassed.

What is not confusing is that the Transhuman is beginning to communicate more openly than, perhaps, in any time past. Thus we must begin to consider Exo-ethics, the Ethics of Transhuman relations. For now, though, we can only begin to guess what the details of this Ethics will be. Three-valued truth will need to be accounted in such an Ethics. We must accept that the rights of personhood must be recognized for such Transhuman entities as Gaia, Mother Earth.

The Transhuman must likewise grant to mere Humanity the recognition of the individual's rights. Much of the interaction with the Transhuman in the past shows a lack of respect, especially by advanced extraterrestrials, for Humanity. Much the same way Humans lack respect for the rights of animals. And, indeed, the rights of the "less-than-human" must be respected by Humans, if the rights of Humans are to be respected by the Transhuman. Often, however, the moral issues between differing species of consciousness are difficult to sort out, and unclear.

But where the moral issues are clear -- as between coercion and contract -- the New Age stands firmly for individual freedom, personal responsibility and "non-coercion against non-coercers". We cannot condone individual acts of coercion. More so, to stand aside while organized coercion is making a Hell of Earth is to abdicate one's humanity; this is truly the moral lesson of the Twentieth Century. This is why the image of the lone man in Beijing, standing against the line of tanks, burns so strongly into Twentieth Century consciousness.

Thus, the Quakers (often the bridge between the best in Christianity and the New Age) guided by their Inner Light seek to "Speak Truth to Power" and bear witness to optimum Human Action. Under the banner of "Never Again", the survivors of the all-too-many genocides of this Century overcome the evil unleashed against them. Hitler's empire survived him by a few days, Stalin's by a generation; both evaporated, nonetheless. How, then, does the history of the last few Centuries appear to the Transhuman perspective? Bestial, at best, but with a glimmer of Hope.

Under the similar banner of "Never Again the Burning Times" the New Age neo-pagan reminds the world of that earlier Holocaust where the Christians of Europe butchered millions of pagans, witches and other Old Believers in their effort to crush the indigenous folk religions of the European, Mediterranean, African, Asian, Pacific and New World cultures. This period of horror stretched from the slaughter of millions of Wise Women on the Continent, through the massacres of Native Americans, including the Grand Inca and his nobles (he had refused to bow down to the crucifix, instead pointing to the Sun, and saying, "My God lives."), to the extermination, at the beginning of this Century, of the Pagan Regal Courts of Bali when they, too, refused to accept the cultural domination of the European conquerors. As the last stronghold fell, the Noble Women, dressed in their best finery, walk calmly into the battle zone, and, dying, flung jewelry and gold at the invaders, to taunt their greed and lack of understanding.

It was just in this Century that it became possible to rediscover the Old Wisdom of these folk traditions (herbal healing, community ritual, shamanistic or other communion with the Transhuman... etc). These traditions have informed much of Neo-pagan, Human Potential and New Age practice during the second half of the Century. They have become a major source of the Underground Stream which has resurfaced as New Age religion. We see this especially in the Return of the Goddess, the Great Awakening. See, hiddenstream.html.

In this sense we may say, with the Gnostic and Catharist survivors: Et in Arcadia Ego.

And what (or better, Who) is in Arcadia? Who dwells in Avalon?
The Transhuman! That which we each can become.

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Church Canons, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations
Regarding the Ministry,
Congregations and the Orders

This section includes a selection of by-law and rules provisions respecting the Ministry. Ministers, Minister Practitioners, Student Ministers and other Members of the Orders of the Church are bound by the Rule of the Order. The First Rule of the Order is the Code of Conduct.  The supreme law of the Church is its Canon Law.

Other elements of the Rule are included in the Church By-Laws, published at lccbylaws.html.

LifeSpirit Religious Beliefs regarding Vaccination.

Information for the Ministry & Ministry Roster

Ministerial Expenses Chart

How to become a Minister Practitioner, LCC-minister-application.htm.
Minister Practitioner FAQs.

Certificate of Ordination

Of particular importance is the Minister's Certificate of Ordination, providing the following limitations and guidelines:

"The Ordained Minister Practitioner is hereby Ordained and Directed by the local congregation, under its Rules, and with the approval of the Church Trustees (who also have the authority to suspend or terminate such ordinations) under Church Rules and By-Laws, which limit the use of Church exemptions by such Ministers. The Ordained Practitioner is directed and authorized to act under the jurisdiction of the local congregation or its approved auxiliary, holistically ministering to the sick and suffering by prayer and spiritual means, so long as no drug material remedy is used, and so long as such minister is active in the local congregation. The practices of such Minister shall strictly conform to secular law."

 From By-Law XXXX - Oversight for Minister Practitioners

"The Local Congregation is responsible for overseeing the ministerial activities of the Minister Practitioner. Any funds pertaining to ministerial activities shall be maintained in Minister Practitioner Accounts and expenditures from such accounts shall be made solely for proper ministerial expenses, stipends and allowances, pursuant to rule or resolution, or authorization of the Local Congregation Pastor."

Similarly, Licensed Members of the Church Order, overseeing church affiliated organizations are subject to the rules and regulations of the Church pertaining thereto.

How to become a Minister Practitioner, LCC-minister-application.htm.
Minister Practitioner FAQs.


Church Bulletin

We intend to continue to upgrade the Church Bulletin, which has gotten larger over the past few years. We want to keep providing more information, and we very much want to include a section on what ministers and congregations are doing. Since the Bulletin Update is scheduled to be posted on the internet one month before the Solstice or Equinox, we need your input by the first week of the month of posting (February, May, August & November). Please e-mail (so we do not have to retype!) what you want included to lifespirit@usa.net.

The current Bulletin may be found at Current Bulletin, with access to the Bulletin Archives.

The Bulletin web site is updated regularly with current information, between the stated publication dates.

The Bulletin Archives are the Permanent Record of the Church.


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Our web sites have become the primary church outreach & communications effort.
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We have published several compilations of Bulletin articles, Sacred Texts and other church literature on our web sites:

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LifeSpirit Center's site now has several hundred pages of information. As of Summer 2001, our web sites have been maintaining thousands of hits per week, reaching over 1,000 per day by Fall 2002. The Center (www.lifespiritcenter.org/) and Organization (www.lifespirit.org) sites link to hundreds of third party sites, lsclinks.html. Our web privacy / disclaimer page is at privacy.html. We subscribe to the Holistic Awareness Declaration, hanadeclaration.htm. Services available through the Center or its communicants can be found at lscservices.htm and lscconnect.htm.

Links to the LifeSpirit local organizations, www.lifespirit.org/lifesporgs.html.

Our Sacred Texts are published at: The Book of Illuminations, BofI.htm and The Book of Passages, BofP.htm.

We also publish our Close Encounters Journal on the web site, encounters.html and have established an access page to Internet information about Solar Storms -- "Solar System Changes Lead to Earth Changes..." with real time space weather reporting, solar.htm.

We would appreciate links to our www.lifespirit.org web site. If you can link your site to ours, or know someone who can, please let us know. Check out or site and its links! The internet will prove to be the best connection yet for those seeking alternatives. It is a blessing of higher consciousness for all.

We view this continuation of our ministry on the internet as a major step in bringing our message to ever wider circles of communicants in the New Millennium.

Stay in touch -- we need your comments and commitment. Please provide us with your e-mail address, and let us know if it changes.

Join the world-wide effort as a Catalyst for Peace, ONLY LOVE PREVAILS.

LifeSpirit Peace Prayer Page for current Peace Actions.

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Homilies for the New Age

From the Current LifeSpirit Bulletin

The Secret within the Secret - 05/06/07
Haiku: Law of Attraction - 04/14/07
Defense from Dark Forces - 07/20/06

Rewiring Reality - 12/03
Holding the Light in Dark Times - 03/03

From the LifeSpirit Bulletin Archives
The Matrix Revisited -- 05/16/03 - 11/11/03
Only Love Prevails -- 10/02
Attitude is Everything! -- 06/18/02
Mirror Technique -- 12/01
Leadership and Self-Deception -- 10/01
The Time Out of Time -- 03 & 06/01
Close Encounters Journal -- 12/00
The Lifespirit and the Secrets of the Kabbalah -- 09/09/00
Evolution and Change into the Year 2012 Gateway-- 06/01/00
May 5, 2000: The Final Alignment? -- 03/10/00
Elegy for the Millennium -- 12/7/99
The Power and the Glory -- 9/20/99
Preparing Body, Mind & Spirit -- 6/14/99
Frequency Protection -- 3/7/99
Millennium Madness -- 9/23/98
One Thousand Days 'Til the Millennium -- 2/10/97
The Holy Graal and the Quest for Self Sovereignty -- 2/29/96
Chaos and Manifestation in the New Age -- 8/30/95
What Happens Next? -- 5/16/95
Merkaba -- 11/14/94
In the Face of Chaos -- 03/08/92
Fire and Ice -- 11/16/91

Psychic Patterns and Manifestation -- 11/16/90


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NOTICE: The Herein Private, Privileged and Confidential Message or Other on behalf of LCC' and or Communicants' is to be considered printed in the color of red ink, equals, = private..., and is for discussion only; and is lawfully privileged..; NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY PUBLIC FICTIONS THAT RECEIVE IT, ARTIFICIAL BEING-S” non-existing non existential…. LCC\Universally. . . States that all Forces.. Dimensionally.. and Otherwise.... Provide LCC and Its Communicants... Who so Choose... Wellness... Peace.., Happiness.., Protection.., Prosperity.., Wealth.. Now and Forever...:: Three Clap Technique - Hidden Rune . . .