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October 20, 2001

I'm not sure where to begin. We have reached those Times we spoke about for decades, and should not be surprised by anything. The reality of living it is hard though, and I remind myself, sometimes through tears, that we must keep a positive focus on a wonderful "now-future" firmly midbrain to achieve that Goal. I am reminded of the Samuel Clemens quote, "I am an old man now. I have seen lots of trouble. Most of it never happened." Our comments on the tragedy, News.

9/11 MESSAGE BOARD - Back to Bookmarks

Our friends at the Institute for Health Research have established an Internet Message Board for the 9/11 Aftermath, Bio-Terrorism and Alternative Modalities, for practitioner and others to exchange information,

WORLD EVENTS SITES - Back to Bookmarks

There is much to share, so I shall dive right in. For unusual info on world events, check out the headlines at;; and is also filled with the unusual. For the past 6 (?) weeks, they have been asking people with good telescopes to try to get pics of Phobos and Demos, the moons of Mars. They seem to have disappeared. Of course Gordon M Scallion did predict that Phobos would be knocked from its orbit by a meteor and would pass earth, brushing its atmosphere and causing widespread earth changes. And there was the Nostradamus quatrain about the King of terror waking and Mars ruling happily before and after. Phobos means "terror" in Greek. Who knows? It may take such an event to quell the insanity here on Earth. (Note: since beginning this newsletter, Demos has been located, Phobos is still at large!)

NIBIRU - Back to Bookmarks

And if a visit from Phobos isn't enough, Niburu, the Twelfth Planet, (get out your Zechariah Sitchin books!) is due for a return in 2003. Go to, scroll down the left column until you come to the article. The author theorizes that every 3,700 years Niburu returns and comes so close to earth that it wreaks horrendous havoc and wipes out most of life on earth, reducing the few who live, back to cavepeople. Others write that Niburu is inhabited by our "creator Gods" who visit us every 'pass by' to either show us kind benevolence or terrorize us, depending on whom you are speaking with. This is getting ridiculous! Too much gloom! I think we should manifest a visit from the chocolate planet of Godiva and WE KNOW CHOCOLATE IS GOOD FOR US------ANYONE OUT THERE WANT TO ARGUE?????!!!! IF YOU DO, ENJOY THE BORING SPACE YOU CREATE!! Anyway, we should manifest that such a visit be absolutely pleasant! So be it, and so it is!!

 ILLUMINATI & REPTIODS - Back to Bookmarks

What is really happening? Is this all just Illuminati crap intended to bring about the New World Order? And are the Illuminati at the top levels all human devouring reptiles? And are there really two bloodlines, i.e. two reptilian dominated bloodlines at war with each other for dominion over us and the Earth? And are they and other Aliens busily fighting the "War in the Heavens" as foretold in Revelations? And is Jehovah just some nasty reptilian prince on his way back here to claim us as his property? He certainly is "nasty" as described in the Old Testament. It is amazing that anyone would want to worship him! No room here for all the evidence for or against. Check out the Montauk Project books, Barbara Marciniak's Pleaidian books,; http://www.davidicke.com_;;/; and read, read, read. Draw your own conclusions. This world is not what it appears. Can you read the symbols? Have you noted all the "elevens" in the World Trade Center horror? Why did Georgie roll the flags back up after only 11 days? This and more... "as the world turns...."

 HAARP - Back to Bookmarks

Haarp (that disgusting weather control; military; people control project up in Alaska) has been on muchly over the past few months. If you are feeling glum, it may not be the news. It may be the "frequencies" Haarp is emitting or it may be from the chemicals being sprayed on us from chemtrails. A few states are beginning to acknowledge their existence and ask questions. Chemtrails, wars, phony food, diseases created in labs, new vaccinations, marshal law, it is obvious that someone out there wants most of the population decimated. Back in the 60's, when the US and other countries signed an international treaty banning germ warfare, the US only was willing to sign it if a paragraph was added stating that while the US would not use germ warfare on other countries, it reserved the right to use same on its own citizens. Check it out. The New World Order airport in Denver is loaded with Nazi style artwork of dead children (black, red, Christian and Jew) in coffins, a Masonic stone dedicating the "New World Airport", Masonic and Egyptian glyphs carved in stone about the property, weird "words" carved into the stone floors, and a ceiling in the great hall that allegedly opens-- perhaps to allow a reptilian ship inside? Oh yes, and then there is the massive city that is said to exist five stories beneath it all! Info is everywhere! The Internet is loaded with stories about NWO plans and our, -no, 'the' government grows in power with each act of terrorism. It's a politician's dream!! Still, it is said that the reptiles cannot exist without humans because they do not have emotions and must "harvest" ours in order to continue their reality. Perhaps humans should stop reincarnating to starve them out. Oh yeah, then there are the stories about the "white light tunnel". People who have had near death experiences talk of floating down a brilliant white tunnel to be greeted by those who have passed before them, into a beautiful place. They come back with stories of spiritual classes and paradise, etc., etc.. Well, some are now saying that the "tunnel" is a set-up. Allegedly the aliens have created same, to control our spirit energies (remember, everything is energy!) as they leave the body. We are taken to their "space" and our memories of life erased and we are sent back to be used by them once again. So should you pass over, check out all the alternatives before taking that path! What is the line the actor playing Hitler sings in the Broadway production, "The Producers"? Something like, " we're gonna cross the border-- make them join our New World Order". That phrase was popular with Hitler. He probably learned it from his Illuminati handlers.

OUR FUTURE - Back to Bookmarks

Now, BURN THOSE FIRST SEVERAL PARAGRAPHS!! ""OUR"" future is going to be bright. As Ramtha says, those that rule HAVE to resort to controls over us because they have indeed time traveled and they know the future holds no place for them. It is OUR future and once through the "vicious attacks of cornered reptiles", we can make it beautiful! Do spend some time (lots of it!) meditating EVERY DAY on the future you want! Look for the absurdity in all of this and LAUGH LOTS!!! Spend a few minutes each day visualizing (midbrain!) the world you want. Tell your friends that you love them and spread complements and smiles. Help to raise the energies about us and we will surely win! See your "now" as great and your future will follow suit. Talk more, with your God within and pray for a "revelation of all" so humanity can move forward in wisdom. Pray for Mom-Earth, a cleansing and a restoration of her and of us to the "uses" we were meant to be. Send happy energy to Washington-- it may confuse them at first, but it may also wake at least some of them up! Spread blessings- visualize peace and freedom. Love your God within. Become Clear, Clearing.html.

LITA LEE - Back to Bookmarks

"The Enzyme Cure" author, Dr. Lita Lee, has a new website,, loaded with articles on the environment and health, as well as products she uses and endorses. Lita is also a BioAcoustic Research Associate of Sharry Edwards and an outrageous lady! Her articles are researched, detailed and often very unorthodox! Add this one to your favorites!

ASPARTAME - Back to Bookmarks 

Monsanto's Aspartame has been linked in the past with multiple sclerosis (although some say that the symptoms from aspartame overuse merely "mimic" MS, and disappear when one gives the chemical up!). Now, according to the Spring issue of "Be Your Best" holistic health magazine, aspartame may also be linked to Lupus and seizures. According to an article from, Lyme disease has been found to be sexually transmitted AND it is reactivated by aspartame. And the new sugar substitute, sucralose, is also coming under fire. Do a search on the word sucralose and you will come to a website exclaiming its virtues: sweet, no aftertaste, cooks and looks like the real thing! But another website is warning that sucralose may destroy the thymus, and without the thymus, it's all downhill! You'd think by the twenty-first century we would have released enough of our Puritanism to manifest a decent, healthy sweetener! Something to work on....

NEW WORLD ORDER - Back to Bookmarks 

Last autumn, the BC news featured an article on its homepage about a car that runs on air. The "e.Volution" is a small minibus that looks as though Dr. Seuss had a hand in its design. It fills with air in three minutes and costs about 30 cents to run 120 miles. Helen Brown of Zero Pollution Motors claims that the car will be in showrooms sometime in 2002. Two factories in France are already producing prototypes for research. This will not make the Illuminati happy. We buy their oil according to their rules and we even send our children to fight wars to protect their companies and their profits. Those who have created fuel efficient vehicles have been bought out--or worse! The Third World War being spun in order to bring the New World Order into being is being fought in Afghanistan deliberately. On February 12, 1998, Mr. John Maresca of the Unocal Corporation addressed Congress with a message about central Asia oil and gas reserves and their importance in shaping US policy !?! He spoke about untapped reserves in the Caspian region and the need for Asian pipelines, and the need to deal with countries in the region such as Afghanistan. From the quotes I read, he wasn't terribly specific about just "whose needs" he was addressing, but I am sure that they were none of ours. Now the US government is not in the oil business but we all know just what families are in that business and what ends they will go to use all of us to make that business bigger! For more info on this go to and check out their pipeline plans! I guess the bombing going on right now could actually be considered a sort of "land clearing" for the pipes to come!

WINTER 2001 - Back to Bookmarks 

According to the Farmer's Almanac, this winter is going to be severe in the northeast. Of course Haarp is up and running and screwing around with the weather, and eastern storm patterns have changed significantly. However, we've been hit with chemtrails, pollution, bad food, emotional distress, chemicals in the water, frequencies coming across TV and radio waves and now, biochemical poisoning. It would be just like "those wild and crazy kooks" to give us a bad winter when we're down! If you are storing food or water for winter storm days, you can keep water potable by adding a bit of regular Clorox (NOT the various perfumed ones!) to your bottles. For every two liter soda bottle you fill with water, add 4 drops of Clorox.


"Alternative Medicine" is a wonderful magazine filled with alternative health technology that is cutting edge, from photon therapy and far infra red therapies to information on unusual herbs and pathogens. Their website, is also loaded with info. Click on the homepage and then click on "magazine" on the banner. From there go to "back issues" and read/print-out all kinds of articles. Their September, 2001 issue featured an article on mycoplasma, a pathogen that causes severe fatigue, immune system dysfunction and blood problems. A recent issue of Nexus Magazine also discusses mycoplasma, calling it a bacteria/virus combo, created in a laboratory by the powers that be. is a great site featuring articles from that magazine as well as dozens of links to other interesting places.

 "Alternative Medicine" back issue #36 has an article that should interest anyone with any type of respiratory problem. It is called "Breathing a Sigh of Relief" and it is by Swaha Devi. He writes that Dr. Harry Philibert has developed a simple technique to trigger a neuromuscular response near the shoulder blades (illustrations included) to give immediate reversals to these problems. Dr. Philibert also does seminars on this technique around the country. He can be reached at 213 Live Oak, Metairie, Louisiana 70005, and his telephone # is 504-837-2727.

 I bring up a lot of websites these days simply because the news moves the fastest on the Internet. I really tried to avoid computers for many years but I have to concede they are a necessary fact of life. If you do not have a computer and want to visit the websites I mention, use a friend's computer or go to the library. The librarian will get you started and once you start exploring the net, you too, will probably become an Internet junkie.

 REBIRTHING - Back to Bookmarks 

Back in the eighties, rebirthing developed as a popular technique for releasing blocked emotions and opening up to one's self. Gene and Donna Dillman run rebirthing sessions in their home down in Stockton, New Jersey, in lovely woods near the Delaware River. They also regularly host Barbara Marciniak and the Pleaidians. Call them at 609-397-4033 for more info!

 CAUTIONS - Back to Bookmarks 

Apparently, an "809 area code" scam exists. If you receive any message through the mail, email, telephone, etc., telling you to call an 809 number for any reason (you won a contest! a family member needs you to call! a bargain awaits you!), DON'T DO IT! This number is a pay-per-call number and you will be billed as much as $2,000 per minute that you are on the phone! If you are not sure about charges on any number you are dialing, call your phone business office before calling the number!

 Besides the dreadful poisons, pesticides, pathogens, etc., that are falling from the chemtrails being sprayed over us, drastic pH changes are now being noted. These acid/alkaline balance changes could mean extinction to fragile plant, animal, and insect life forms, posing new threats to the ecosystem. When all is done, we will have to find ways to restore this important balance! In the meantime, visualize mom-earth and her offspring as happy, clean and thriving!

 CONSPIRACY - Back to Bookmarks 

Want more conspiracy? Go to Richard Hoagland's website, and read his two latest articles (at the top), in which he explains this war as a two thousand year old war between the Templars and the Muslims. His article leaves out all the advantages to the Illuminati (in that it is quickening the possibility of their New World Order). I'm not sure where they stand in his analysis. Are they the Templars? Not likely by his analysis, the Templars are portrayed as somewhat decent. It's getting hard to keep the conspiracies straight! Wow-what fun when "all is revealed"!!

 RAMTHA - Back to Bookmarks 

A quote from Ramtha: "Who are you? You are God manifested as man to continue the expansion of thought into forever." I love that one!

 JEWELRY BY LOOMIS - Back to Bookmarks 

Are you looking for an unusual and beautiful piece of jewelry to give someone this holiday season? Madge Watt's daughter-in-law, Andrea Loomis, is an extremely talented goldsmith and she has created a lovely necklace that can be personalized to a specific horoscope in gemstones. Something like that could be garish, but Andrea has kept the lines of this piece classically simple. It is quite beautiful. Go to and check it out or call her at 215-529-1469 and have her send you a picture postcard! This item is very unique!

11/18 METEOR SHOWER - Back to Bookmarks 

We are being promised the most exciting meteor shower in 35 years on November 18th. Scientists are predicting as many as 2,000 "streaks" per hour! If you are interested in viewing same up here with us, bring a sleeping bag, a bathing suit and a few towels. And start meditating now, that November 18th will have a good, clear night!

SUGAR INTOLERANCE - Back to Bookmarks 

If you have a child who cannot tolerate sugar, contact The Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Company. They make their "Maple Melts" according to the Feingold Association's guidelines, free of soy allergens and salicylates (to prevent hyper-activity). These are flavored with maple syrup, chewable and great for anyone with food allergies! Call 800-887-8535 for details, or see

CREDIT PRIVACY - Back to Bookmarks  

As of July 1, 2001, the four major credit card bureaus in the US are allowed to release your credit info to anyone who requests it. If you want out of this invasion of privacy, call 1-888-567-8688. Listen closely: the first "opt out" is only for two years-- so make sure you wait until they prompt you to press '3' on your keypad to opt out for good!

 LANGUAGE OF LIGHT - Back to Bookmarks 

Marybeth Smith and Mem Masnik have been studying a branch of sacred geometry known as the "Language of Light". It consists of shapes that the inner self recognizes as carrying information into the body. They have created a 'Healing Grid' that is on the LifeSpirit website (nychealgrid.html)so that you can print it out to keep and/or distribute. Hang it in your office and watch the energies change as people glance at it! Send a copy to that difficult person! Marybeth and Mem will 'explain it all' at the gathering on the 27th. Marybeth will also be bringing "silver bandages" and discussing their use in first aid. These are difficult to obtain. If you would like some, contact Marybeth at

STARDUSTER SOCIETY - Back to Bookmarks 

Don Supkow has spent many years working at jobs dealing with the environment. He has other skills however, and is quite handy with tools! He has recently been laid off and is looking for small jobs to tide him over. If you have some work around the house or office that you can't get done, call Don at 732-752-3189 or 518-786-3201. Don will be updating us on the 27th about the latest energy savers and earth friendly technology. You can find out more at his website,

SOUND HEALTH - Back to Bookmarks 

Sharry Edwards ( will be visiting NJ in early November, to present a lecture and a workshop at the Institute for Spiritual Development (15 Sparta Avenue) in Sparta.

On Saturday evening, November 3rd, she will lecture about using sound to overcome biochemical terrorism (7:00 PM; $15.00 fee) and on Sunday, November 4th, she will give a workshop on using her newly created "Provider Program". This computer program was developed for use by those who want to be able to test voices to reveal strengths and weaknesses or unbalances in body energies, without using the frequency equivalents that Sharry's BioAcoustic Researchers utilize. Based on the voice tested, the program will print out info on nutrients, muscles, vertebrae, viruses, bacteria, chemicals, toxins, hormones, etc., for you to work with. There is a $25.00 charge for this 4 hour workshop which will be refunded if you purchase the program. The class will begin at 1:00 PM on Sunday. If you have questions, call me at 973-300-4594. PLEASE CALL TO REGISTER IN ADVANCE AS THE SEATING IS LIMITED.

Sharry Edwards was just awarded the 2001 "Scientist of the Year" by IANS, AWARD.

HOLISTIC ALLIANCE - Back to Bookmarks 

And finally, the Holistic Alliance's 11th (oh no! there's that number again!) Annual Holistic Health Festival will be held on Sunday, October 28th, the day after our gathering, at Montclair State University. LifeSpirit Revs. Nancy and Dick Weber always do a super job at these shows. The show runs from 11:00 am to 5:00 PM. If you would like to rent table space or simply want more info, call 973-586-3936.


We look forward to seeing you at LifeSpirit Gatherings! Should you wish to spend the night here, PLEASE BRING BLANKETS OR A SLEEPING BAG AND YOUR OWN TOWELS. I do not have enough for a crowd and I have enough to get done without all the extra laundry! Also, those who want to soak in the hottub should bring bathing suits. And since it's close to All Hollow's Eve, costumes or masks, though not mandatory, are encouraged!! Email us for directions,

For more about current Gatherings -- lsbcurrent.htm - Gather.

May our love sustain us, Kathy Greene Fucetola

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