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Sharry Edwards' Human BioAcoustics honors
“The beginnings of Life and the roots of Physical Theory
 are in the harmonics…”

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2009 Conference Report

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July 4, 2008

On Being Careful

A Dialogue on Equipment

Sharry Edwards' New Weekly Internet Radio Show!

Good Vibrations...

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New Show started March 25, 2006
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New Teaching Institute Established
Institute for BioAcoustic Biology


Journal of BioAcoustic
A Peer Reviewed Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
Lead Article:  The Definitive Theory
Premier Public Issue Posted 10/23/05

JBAB in the Online Listing of Abbreviations - 05/25/06

Media Release - 12/16/05
Fibromyalgia Relieved During the Course of Cutting Edge Study

2005 Conference Report
Bulletin #8 Posted 09/14/05

Bulletin #7 UPDATE #1-- March 1, 2005
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Credentials System adopted for Human BioAcoustics

Sharry Edwards
Human BioAcoustics and The Sounds of Cancer

An Open Letter to NCCAM
Human BioAcoustics and the Future of Complementary Medicine

The TENTH Annual Human BioAcoustics Colloquium:  July 21 - July 25, 2004
Sauber Environmental Center, Hocking College, Albany Ohio
Human BioAcoustics
SM Standards: Moving into the Marketplace

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Bulletin #7 UPDATE #1-- March 1, 2005
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String Theory and Human BioAcoustics - 06/24/04
The beginnings of Life, the roots of String Theory in harmonics…
Sharry Edwards has discovered the progression, in sonic frequency, from simple element
to complex life-form.  She has decoded the biological frequency matrix.


Ms Edwards' Research Report on Lupus - 05/14/04



Human BioAcoustics included in
Alternative Medicine - The Definitive Guide,
altmedguide.html -2002

Details & Photos here.

Index of Postings Sorted by Date

Scientists Confirm Relationship between
Spoken Language and Musical Harmonics

BBC News
, 08/06/03

States Ms. Edwards, "I have always emphasized the significance of the harmonic balance of the twelve notes of the chromatic scale relative to the study of Human BioAcoustics and I am gratified to learn that independent researchers have found supporting evidence that further confirms the postulates of the work we are doing."

Ms. Edwards Featured in New Book!
Health on the Edge:
Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium

by Larry Trivieri - Publication Date:  12/25/03
More details: Media Release
- 01/01/04

November 2003
The Frequencies of Love:  A Dialogue
Sharry Edwards and Dale Pond -

December 2003
Sharry Edwards:  SOUND E.R.

"A woman might have nearly died at my house today because of her multiple chemical sensitivities..."


The following postings and responses to Frequently Asked Questions are the result of inquiries about Human BioAcoustics sent to Sharry Edwards or SHRI, or are reports and articles we though might be of interest to the student of Human BioAcoustics. They are posted with Ms. Edwards' permission. After the first items, this index is in reverse time order (most recent first).

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[41] BioAcoustics Wikipedia Entry - 09/2008

[40] BioAcoustics nanoVoice™ Freeware!
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July 4, 2008

[39] Further Consideration of Being Careful - 12/10/06

[38] About Being Careful - 08/06/06 - Safeguarding BioAcoustics

[37]  A Dialogue on Equipment - 07/22/06

[36]  New Teaching Institute Established - 07/23/06 -  Institute for BioAcoustic Biology

[35]  Sound Health... Good Vibrations... Mission Statement
Sharry Edwards Internet Radio Show!
9 PM EST Sundays -  - started March 25, 2006

[34]  Fibromyalgia Relieved During the Course of Cutting Edge Study - 12/16/05

[33]  Journal of BioAcoustic Biology -
A Peer Reviewed Journal of Theory, Research and Practice
Premier Public Issue Posted 10/23/05

[32]  Credentials System adopted for Human BioAcoustics - 01/01/05

[31]  Ms. Edwards on Human BioAcoustics and The Sounds of Cancer - 12/21/04

[30]  Banking System threats - shri-urgent-appeal.html

[29]  String Theory and Human BioAcoustics - Kathy Greene & Ralph Fucetola - 06/24/04

[28]  Ms Edwards on Lupus - 05/14/04

[27] Sharry Edwards:  SOUND E.R. - 12/2003

[26] Breaking the Sound Barriers of Disease:  Vocal Profiling - 12/06/03

[25] The Frequencies of Love:  A Dialogue - Nov 2003
Sharry Edwards and Dale Pond -

[24] Decloaking Pathogens with Sound, Nexus Magazine (Nov/Dec 2000)

[23] Ms Edwards on Protecting IP From Computer Criminals - 06/07/03

[22] BioAcoustics and Pregnancy - 04/25/03

[21] Ms. Edwards - The Byte Show Interview, sebyteshow.htm - 01/24/03 (posted 03/04/03)

[20] Ms. Edwards granted an Intellectual Property Seal Order, click Here - 02/10/03

[19] On Doing No Harm - Sharry Edwards - posted 11/16/02

[18] The Story of Indomitable Will - Human BioAcoustics and Tetraplegea - posted 10/20/02

[17] BioAcoustic Evaluation is not Medical Diagnosis, by Ralph Fucetola, JD, banotmed.html

[16] Ms. Edwards on Vocal Profiling for Pathogen Evaluation

[15] Lita Lee, Ph.D. - Sound Bites from To Your Health, 1998 - 2001, SHRILL.

[14] Resistant Pathogens Research Report (basis for Dec. 2000 Nexus Article) 9/11Research

[13] Ms. Edwards Discusses Frequencies and Departed Loved Ones - The Signature Self

[12] Ms. Edwards on Digital v Analog Sound in Healing, Digital Sound

[11] Overriding Frequencies and Sound Research -- A Lesson, Ralph & Kathy Fucetola, Frequecy

[10] When Good Intent is not Good Enough, a message from Ms. Edwards, Intent

[9] Evaluation and Detoxification with Sound, Kathy Greene Fucetola, Sound Detox

[8] The Frequency of Immortality, Ralph Fucetola, Immortal Frequencies

[7] BioAcoustics in Action by Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustic Action

[6] Tones, Chords & Frequency Equivalents (TM) by Sharry Edwards, Frequency Equivalents

[5] The Emerging Field of BioAcoustics by Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustics

[4] Where is BioAcoustics Available? - R. Fucetola

[3] Keeley, Pods and Chords - Ms. Edwards

[2] Frequency and Body Mass - Ms. Edwards

[1] Urgent Message from Ms Edwards: BioAcoustics and Bioterrorism
Vocal Profiling for Pathogen Evaluation (10/28/01)
News Article on Sharry Edwards' 11/04/01 Lecture on BioAcoustics & BioTerrorism


Definition of Human BioAcoustics & Disclaimers

Human BioAcoustics Conference  & Research Reports

Conference Bulletin No. 1 - 1998 - [SHRI98]

Conference Bulletin No. 2 - 1999 - [SHRI99]

Conference Bulletin No. 3 - 2000 - [SHRI00]

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Conference Bulletin No. 5 - 2002 - [SHRI02]

Conference Bulletin No. 6 - 2003 - [SHRI03]

Conference Bulletin No. 7 - 2004 - [SHRI04]

Conference Bulletin No. 8 - 2005 - [SHRI05]

2008 Conference Report

BULLETIN #3 UPDATE #1 -- August 15, 2000
Frequency and Physical Brain Dominance,

BULLETIN #3 UPDATE #2 -- November 27, 2000
November Conference,

BULLETIN #5 UPDATE #1, October 18, 2002
Indomitable Will,

BULLETIN #6 UPDATE #1, December 8, 2003
Developments Since August Conference,

Bulletin #7 UPDATE #1-- March 1, 2005
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 2009 Conference Report




Recently we have had some inquiries regarding the relationship of Human BioAcoustics (HBA) as developed by Sharry Ewards, MEd and some other approaches “out there.” This section of our SHRI FAQs will grow as we reply to more inquiries. Here is our editorial opinion regarding these questions. In expressing our opinion, we are not judging the motives of anyone or commercial value of any modality. One should always do one’s own due diligence and use one’s own discretion.

1. A certified SHRI research practitioner was asked about the “Scio” (Which we understand may sometimes be known under other names, such as, we believe, the Quantum or the Zeriod). Some users claim the device "includes" Ms. Edwards' frequency work.

The "inventor" of this device, who some people refer as “doctor,” (although we know of no earned doctorate in his case) is a controversial, public figure in the complementary health world. Some have suggested that he removed himself from the US while under allegation of fraud. He apparently went to Canada, left that country and is now in Poland. Ms. Edwards relates that one of his "practitioners" accosted her at a show recently and expressed a very negative opinion about HBA. Ms. Edwards also received a rather negative letter from this alleged "inventor."

She wants everyone to know that she has no relationship or association with this person and his minions,  nor did she "agree to or approve of his using my frequencies in a voice analysis portion of an analysis program that he claims as his own. For his people to even attempt to get me to acquiesce to be an unpaid 'partner' after  my IP was already being used without permission, speaks very loudly to a lack of integrity of these people. Then to turn around and say that it doesn't matter if I agree or not, they are going to use the frequencies anyway, puts them at the top of a large pile of people who are willing to take advantage of others for the drop of a dollar." People who allow the "Scio" to be used on them should take heed that old database HBA frequencies may be used without Ms Edwards' permission and without proper understanding and safeguards.

We checked him out at the FDA internet. His equipment does not appear to have any current approval from FDA. It appears he was sanctioned and, the rumor is, now imports his stuff with basic software to get it by customs; his people then upgrade to what some observers consider a questionable format. As noted above, some users contacted Ms Edwards two years ago to go into “partnership” with this group, letting her know that if she refused to go into business with them, it did not matter, that they had her proprietary frequencies already - they had “bought” them from one of Ms Edwards’ practitioners, incidentally, in violation of the Class Agreement that student signed. It that case, they “bought” old databases that have been replaced with significantly upgraded information. We have heard, in and about the community, similar rumors of these people taking the work of others.

According to Ms. Edwards, the Scio device appears to input frequencies on one side of the body and, if the frequencies do not come out on the other side, the device forces that frequency through the body via the hands, feet and head. This is like the old Rife machine, but perhaps even more invasive. We are of the opinion that such an approach violates the very first rule of healing: "Do No Harm." Without knowing brain dominance and checking the body’s reaction to a frequency, the thoughtless provision of incorrect frequency can exacerbate conditions.

Ms Edwards reports she tried this device twice. Once the operator was very intuitive and the "reading" was more or less accurate; the other time the operator used a “pencil and paper test.” To test its accuracy, Ms. Edwards reported that she drank lots of coffee and smoked, and that is what was reported back to her by the operator as a supposed report constructed by the device (Ms Edwards neither drinks coffee nor smokes and never has).

Personally we do not like the strong-arm tactics that we have heard some people in this grouping have been accused of using and we certainly do not appreciate their unwillingness to honor other people’s Intellectual Property. How can true healing come from such a source?

2. A former Sound Health student spoke at an event Ms Edwards recently attended. He was critical of HBA Vocal Profiling, saying that it was, in effect, “totally inaccurate” although he offered no evidence supporting this extreme claim. In her opinion, the former student's critique showed that he had failed to comprehend the basic concepts of HBA and had failed to pay attention to the peer-reviewed and published studies that substantiate the potential benefits of HBA evaluation and frequency presentation. His association with Ms. Edwards’ techniques were at least ten years old and thus rather dated.

Ms Edwards' comment is, "When people who don't have the facts claim '...HBA is inaccurate, doesn’t work, can’t work and certainly anything based on vocal frequencies cannot have any validity... etcetera...' and then tell us that 'only' their technique is '...bigger, better, faster, cheaper...' you may suspect the intent of the source. Discretion and due diligence are necessary when seeking to determine what teachings are frequency specific for your highest good.  If that is what my teachings do for a specific student, then they need to honor that by remaining in integrity with us, as specified in the Student Agreement."

Our comment, Ms Edwards is the recognized leader in the field of Human BioAcoustics and Vocal Profiling. She has pioneered most, if not all of the terms of use, technology and innovations. Her work has been accepted in peer review Journals and it is validated by the documented outcomes of her research. It is easy to understand why others like to claim her work as their own. In the age of instant communication, it is not hard to unearth who is authentic and who is the imitator. Those who support her work recognize clearly that there can be no teacher without people willing to learn from the source.

For those who claim this work as their own or seek to publicize that Ms. Edwards will "not meet' with them, or that she is "mistreating" them, there is a simple test. Sincerely ask them to come to the table and discuss these issues. This is particularly true for those who, for one example, claim to have "dreamed" this work (after attending one of  Ms. Edwards’ courses). Then, out on their own with a storyline as the originator of the information and materials. The same goes for people who claim that Ms. Edwards is "old and infirmed."  Not true.  Or the preposterous, I have been charged by the universe to carry on the work..."

Rest assured, as of this date, she is vibrant, dedicated and determined that this work will go on in an integral way. Those who use this work to line their own pockets first and think about the results, last, if at all, will soon weed themselves out, as people become more astute to such manipulative tactics. Ms Edwards works with SHRI to advance the professionalism of Human BioAcoustics and assure the long-term viability of the teachings. Ms. Edwards firmly believes that we are each here for a specific purpose and when people try to merely follow in her footsteps, they often fail to find their own path. The purpose of the Truth is, after all, to set us Free.

 That same former student claimed that he was “closed down by the FDA” in his former “sound bed” venture because he advertised “relaxation” We must doubtthis claim unless we were to see some convincing evidence of it; people do not get “closed down” by the FDA for “relaxation” claims, so if the story is true, some disease treatment claims must have been made. Ms Edwards reports that the former student expressed the idea that the alleged  FDA "closure" forced him to find “something better.” This "better" approach is, according to the speaker, "superior" because he has a “super computer.” Again, we must doubt the claim: a true “super computer” as used by universities and research centers is probably too costly for the type of application he runs. There was nothing Ms Edwards saw that required anything more than a normal PC. HBA, as practiced by Certified SHRI Research Practitioners, does require a good PC or laptop, high quality sound card, headset and microphone (with the necessary programs); however, a “super computer” is not needed for this research.

 In conclusion, we strongly disagree with the claim that "frequency does not matter." Of course frequency matters! That is the whole argument of the SHRI web site, and shall continue to be so.

The Editor - 12/10/06

[Additional FAQs to be posted.]

Posted: 12/10/06 - © 2006


About Being Careful: Safeguarding BioAcoustic Proprietary Information

------ Original Message ------
Received: Sun, 06 Aug 2006 08:33:26 PM EDT
From: "Ralph Fucetola JD" <>
To: "Sharry Edwards"
Subject: About being careful

Sharry - this is from my notes of our conversation. I'll post it on the Forum and SHRI FAQs page.


Note to all practitioners: Sharry tells me that she was approached by certain persons, apparently with insurance industry connections, who wanted specific frequency
information from her. She does not provide such information to anyone, unless the recipient of the information is under contract to maintain its confidentiality.

We are all privileged to have detailed access to her unique Intellectual Property.

She surmised, from interacting with these individuals, that attempts might be made in the near future to contact Sound Health Researchers and attempt to
obtain specific frequency information from them.

Students and former students, under contract, may not provide specific frequency information to anyone. Even if the person claims to be "from Sound Health" we need to use discernment; if someone who is authorized needs a frequency, it can be gotten from the Office. Unless you know someone very well as a currently certified Associate in good standing, please do not discuss specific frequencies. We need to use the private Forum for that and direct contact with the Office to resolve frequency questions. That is a primary purpose of the Forum. The specific frequencies and their correlates are the Intellectual Property that underlies Human BioAcoustic Practice, and to avoid misuse or unskilled use, need to be protected.

In addition, Ms. Edwards, under direction from the Directors of her company, last week had to initiate a contempt action in the Ohio court system against violations of contract restrictions involving the Intellectual Property. [Note: the Judge granted a temporary restraining order against the violation.]

If any suspicious persons contact you, please let me know immediately.

Ralph Fucetola JD - posted on the Forum - 08/07/06; posted on FAQs - 10/23/06



11/10/00 -- Can it be stated, for example, that the frequency used with Gout is X Hz for a person with body mass of Y and a normal voice pitch of Z?

Ms. Edwards responds:

This idea has been a misinformed thread running through a new age chat site dealing with sound healing. The idea started when one individual came up with the idea that height had an effect on the "soul sound" of the person.

This idea comes directly from Pythagorean String Theory. What these folks have forgotten to consider is that the string must be made of the same material and have the same tension and the same length. The idea that a person's height can have an effect on their Signature Sound(tm) is, at best, a dim witted concept where the human body is concerned. What can be considered is how a sound effects a person based on the composition of the body. Fat cells vibrate differently from muscles cells, etc.

Biochemical issues deal with the organ, the supportive organs and the biochemical support. All work together.

Brain waves provide a dynamic frequency look at the entire body. The voice is a representation of what the brain perceives (see Dr. Tomatis' research).

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What follows is a series of emails between Sharry Edwards and interested researchers regarding Keely's Physical Philosophy and the BioAcoustic Pod compared to the Chord.


From: Dale Pond
Subject: Re: [svpvril] Keely's Physical Philosophy

Date: Wed, Nov 29, 2000

Terri Dupre wrote:

"This he does by STRIKING THE SAME CHORD IN THREE OCTAVES, representing the THIRD, SIXTH and NINETH of the SCALE." Interesting that Atlin has two sets of strings set 90 degrees to each other. These are tuned to the same chord in three octaves. However their musical relations are two thirds and a fifth or first, third and fifth, depending how you interpret it. Maybe someone familiar with music can see where the sixth and ninth comes into a chord of C,E & G.


Dale Pond
Delta Spectrum Research


From: "Sharry Edwards" <>


Subject: Re: [svpvril] Keely's Physical Philosophy

Date: Wed, Nov 29, 2000

BioAcoustically speaking this combination has a root of G. G represents the processing of the heart issues. (C as a BioAcoustic expression represents the heart as an organ and E represents inner thought expressed as words to the outer world.)

The most active pairing is C#/G - this represents justice and the ability to allow justice to happen in a physical way. Next pair is E/A#. This represents physical word expression of active spirituality. The C/F# pairing activates the heart, eyes and kidneys in a unified energy.

Just as important is what is missing here - G#. This is an expression of actively bringing something physical into a combination of physical reality and spirituality.

To use this BioAcoustically, each note is used to create a POD - a set of notes that have specific relationships. From that an interpretation is possible. The POD this creates is G. This would show that the C placement is something of the past. The heart power comes from a past position. C#, justice is very active and is directly related to heart energy. D the future position is self approval. From the outside the thrust will be words of expression developed in a way that will take the spirituality into circulation. Careful that this does not fall into martyrdom for the spirit. Remember the benefits to the beholder not the sacrifices of the builder.


-------------------- Index

Subject: [svpvril] Re: Keely's Physical Philosophy

Date: Wed, Nov 29, 2000

Hi Sharry,

When you refer to a "pod" is that the same as a "chord" three notes creating a whole-a chord? I find your response very interesting and insightful and gives me much to think about, thank you.

Peace be with you,



From: "Sharry Edwards" <>


Subject: Re: [svpvril] Re: Keely's Physical Philosophy

Date: Wed, Nov 29, 2000, 4:15 PM

A POD is a set of 6 notes. In combination the body uses these notes to create structure, maintain structure, process biochemistry and protect the body from outside influences.

We gleaned this information from thousands of case studies by studying the frequency interactions that work to reverse disease and maintain the body. A POD is the basic structure of how frequency is used for the field of Human BioAcoustics.

The most common note on the POD's of C, E, and G is G. A G POD contains a BASE of G - The Base position maintains structure. At 180 degrees from the G is C#. This is called a Reciprocal and is actually a numeric opposite. Just like colors have opposites or complements so do frequencies. Notes that are 180 degrees from each other cause tension musically. Play C and F# and see how it sounds. Just as it creates the notion of tension emotionally, this combination creates tension in the body. Not tightness tension but tension so that we can stand up straight, etc.

One note back from the Reciprocal, C#, is C. This is a minus 1 position and represents past functions. One note forward from C#, is D. This represents future function. If you substract the Base from the Reciprocal you get one converged note. This represents outside influence or weakness. If you average the Base and Reciprocal, you get the other converged note.

The POD would look like this:

A# E

Differing combinations of these notes have different influences on the body. We use vocal analysis to derive the POD's that are going to be used. Today for instance, we had a patient who could not walk, was very weak and numb from the waist down. The computer analysis revealed that his L-2 vertebra, the Iliac and the Psoas muscles were very stressed and that there had been an injury. He revealed that he had a very serious accident several years ago (skiing) but that no long term damage was ever found. After giving him these frequencies in a POD configuration, he was 6 times as strong (as measured by a dynometer), could bicycle his legs, stood up for several seconds, could bridge himself (lay on back and use shoulders and feet to lift the hips in the air) and was much stronger than when he arrived. We knew what to give him by looking at the combination of notes, the POD, that his voice revealed. We knew from the position of the POD notes that his issue was a structural maintenance issue. I used the position on the POD and the notes themselves to provide the information about the C, E, G note combination.

The combinations we use, Base and Reciprocal, were outlawed by the Catholic Church hundreds of years ago. Penelope Gouk (I love her name) has written about this. Her new book on Cultural Healing (I can't remember the full title) is wonderful and has more information on this.

I took into consideration all three POD's. The note of B was minor but significantly placed. B as an emotion, combined with A# can represent spiritual martyrdom. This could mean that the benefits to the user might get lost amongst the trials and tribulations of those who must toil to make the creation a reality. This is a slight tendency among all the others but something that stood just outside the rim of important issues.

In may mean, as history perceives this, that the spiritual benefits will far outweigh the sacrifices. As a person who has struggled to bring new ideas to the surface, it sometimes seems that the work is overwhelming. But the truth will prevail.

Good to hear from you again.


You can reach Sharry Edwards at Sound Health, Inc.,

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Where is BioAcoustics Available?

On April 18, 2001 wrote:

Good afternoon, Ralph (at least it is here in Tucson, Arizona)

The following is extracted from an article you wrote:

"sophisticated approach uses (1) standard Windows' technology to record a voice .wav file then (2) a standard frequency analysis program to identify the stressed frequencies and (3) the new BioGenesis Program to complete the Voice Spectral Analysis by identifying Root Cause and the Frequency Equivalent series which will reharmonize it, allowing the whole person to achieve and maintain a healthy status. This is a purely non-medical technology which does not intend to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease condition"

A question:

Which, if any, of Sharry Edward's publications define and explain (1) standard Windows' technology; (2) standard frequency analysis program; and (3) the new BioGenesis Program and how it is determined. Or, is there any other source for obtaining the foregoing -- such as minutes of the conference?

Thanks for your help.

Harry Davis

On April 19, 2001 Ralph Fucetola replied for SHRI --

Dear Harry,

The only place to get Sharry's work is through Sharry in Ohio or through the handful of research associates she has certified. This is because the process (which I described as three steps) can only be performed by someone trained to do so, through the programs and equipment built for the purpose.

The term "Root Cause" should not be confused with "diagnosis" since the "Root Cause" is not an explanation, it is just a frequency!

BioAcoustics does not diagnose, since it does not identify disease nor does it need to know anything about disease in order for it to recommend harmonizing frequencies.

You see, the BioGenesis (tm) program doesn't know anything about disease, it only knows about harmonic relationships among frequencies and a bit about the relationship between substance and frequency ("frequency equivalents"). The
art in this research modality is when the research associate chooses which stressed notes to put into the BioGenesis program. This is where the training is most important.

The final, "fourth" step is providing sound frequency to the client's environment. This is done through speakers or headset powered by a small frequency generating device which can be programmed (through the fourth program, the Square One (tm) program) with various frequencies in various patterns.

The specific frequencies and patterns are part of the private and confidential area of BioAcoustics only provided to research associates under contract.

There is additional information on Sharry's site,
about how to become a research associate or find one - or her office
in Ohio can help, 740-698-9119.




Merriam-Webster ( defines "bioacoustics" as: "a branch of science concerned with the production of sound by and its effects on living systems." This term, as applied to humans, and trademarked as Human BioAcoustics now refers specifically to the research initiated by Sharry Edwards, M.S. in the 1970's, of voice spectral analysis and the presentation of sound frequency to support normal form and function.  Human BioAcoustics is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease.

BioAcoustics (TM) and Human BioAcoustics (TM) is a trademark of Sharry Edwards, although "bioacoustics" (as applied to humans) has been used in various spellings by a few others, without permission.  Properly speaking the term "Human BioAcoustics" applies only to the research initiated and continued by Ms. Edwards, SHRI and Research Associates currently certified by Ms. Edwards.

Credentials System for Human BioAcoustics.

Disclaimer:  Human BioAcoustics, as originated by Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., does not diagnose or prescribe for medical or psychological conditions nor does it claim to prevent, treat, mitigate or cure such conditions.  HBA researchers do not provide diagnosis, care, treatment or rehabilitation of individuals, nor apply medical, mental health or human development principles.

Further Disclaimers & Site Use Statement: shri5.html#Disclaimers

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The Science of Sound is one of the traditional Sacred Sciences.  Sacred Science relates the great polarities of the Limited - the Finite Point (Structure as Particle) with the Infinite - the Expansion of the Radius (Structure as Wave) -- a relationship which can be seen throughout the Cosmos, whether looking at such pairs as particle/wave, point/line or even Self/God. What Sacred Science shows is how to harmonize this complementary relationship. There are, in Sacred Science, three "means" to harmonize the dichotomy: the arithmetic, the geometric and the harmonic. Each is a mathematical operation which harmonizes using, respectively, number, form and sound. "The aesthetics of the eye [the organ of the particular] and the ear [the organ of the extended] would seem to work in the same inverse relationship as that numerically given between the length and vibrational frequency of a musical string: what is symmetrically beautiful to the eye being harmonically unpleasant to the ear. And unlike the arithmetic and geometric means, both of which in their different media attempt to make an even division, one of a total number and the other of a total area, the harmonic mean produces tonal beauty by a division in which the differences... have an equality neither of number... or of proportion..." (pg 79) Prof. Lenora Leet, The Secret Doctrine of the Kabbalah. (1999, Inner Traditions, Rochester, VT, Human BioAcoustics, studying the harmonies of the Individual Voice, stands in this tradition of Sacred Science and, with the rigor of modern research approaches, seeks to bring harmony, wholeness and wellness to all. rf

BioAcoustics and Pregnancy - 04/25/03

This posting is reprinted from a private BioAcoustics message board and was written by a research associate.

As promised here are a couple of quick comments about pregnancy from my first-hand experience. My wife and I had a baby boy Saturday evening.  He is a healthy little guy and we are grateful for him. 7 lbs. 12 oz, 20 in. dark hair...Getting to this point was a challenge, however.

This big question - How did we get pregnant? I believe it was sound. I took her voice and then gave her the needed sounds, just like we are trained to do in class. Our intention was not focused on pregnancy, just helping her feel better. This seemed to prep her body to be able to respond appropriately.

We knew that she had thyroid issues. After the profile we saw she needed t3 and t4 among other vitamins and aminos. I gave her the sounds, based totally on the numbers in her profile and how she responded to the testing. Within a few short weeks we found out she was pregnant. Subsequent profiles showed her low or stressed in t3, progesterone and testosterone, b vitamins, minerals and a couple of aminos. She listened to the FEs throughout the pregnancy with some modifying along the way.

She has had challenges getting pregnant and then, when she did, she would miscarry at times. We learned that progesterone was critical during the first 12-14 weeks (it showed up low in her voice as well). Unfortunately, most doctors don't realize that women need it everyday during this time. Her doctor checked her levels which were about a 14 and told her she was fine.  She spoke with a high risk doctor later that day and he informed her that she should be above a 26 and should have a 1cc injection each day through out the first trimester. We followed his orders. I actually gave her a natural doctor prescribe injection, and she listened to the sound. As a result of this her levels shot up and we ended up cutting back to a 1/2 cc combined with the sound each day.

She is convinced that the sounds made the difference. She was very consistent in listening almost every day and it worked.

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December 2003 - A Message from Sharry Edwards:  Sound E.R.

A woman might have nearly died today because of her multiple chemical sensitivities. It is my belief that Human BioAcousticä techniques may very well have saved her life. [I must interject here that BioAcoustics is not ordinarily used in this type of emergency, but in this case there was NO other help immediately available.]

Cindy was cleaning using a common all-purpose chemical cleaner.  She had been using the cleaner since Friday.  She woke up Sunday morning complaining of a headache and stuffy nose.  She resumed her cleaning but within a few minutes both nostrils were completed closed.  She described an agonizing explosion like pressure in her head every time she attempted to swallow - like there was too much air in her head and none could escape.  Her jaws and neck were stiff and sore.  The tip of her tongue was numb and tingling and she had, what she described as, an odd metal taste in her mouth.

In our county, the nearest Emergency Squad is nearly 40 minutes away. My house was much closer than any other help.  Since her throat was also closing off, she thought that BioAcoustics might help until real assistance arrived.  We immediately put on the frequency equivalent of epinephrine for shock. This stopped the progression of the throat and nose tissue swelling in less than 2 minutes.

A voice print revealed the highest frequency was the Frequency Equivalent™ of a common amino acid. I didn't wait to pull the entire print.  This made no sense but since the woman was also a border-line diabetic, I put on the, Frequency Antidote™ which was the Frequency Equivalent of insulin.  I had no biofeedback equipment at home but the results were almost instantaneous, so I didn't bother sending to the office for the "proper" equipment.  One nostril became somewhat unstuffed in seconds.  She was completely clear and breathing out of one nostril shortly thereafter.

I discovered the Frequency Equivalent of butoxyethanol acetate was one of the stressed frequencies.  Butoxyethanol is a major ingredient in the cleaner she was using.

I also found a definite relationship to calcium in her vocal print.  I gave her orange juice – the only source of ready calcium that I had on hand and she began to feel better.  She reported that she felt like she had a hangover, but she no longer felt the need to call the emergency squad.  We did advise that she check with her physician since this was an extreme response. 

Cindy seemed to be doing fine the next day.  The fact that she believed in BioAcoustics and didn't panic made the task easier. I am very grateful for this moment in time and have great hopes for the future when BioAcoustics becomes a FIRST choice for help.

Note:  Human BioAcoustics is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure disease.

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A Dialogue on Equipment

 ------ Original Message ------
Received: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 02:59:35 PM EDT
From: Sharry Edwards

I thought this was a wonderful response - I agree that it should be posted
- S
> Can I abstract this dialogue and put it on the SHRI web site, in the
> postings section? I think it addresses important issues
> Ralph
> ------ Original Message ------
> Received: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 01:49:49 PM EDT
> From: k thomson
> To: SoundHealth
> Subject: Re: [SoundHealth] computer/voiceprint accuracy
> I have used nothing but Dell's the whole time and they work very well.
> How can it be that a toddler with a headbump happens and the vocal
> profile shows exactly the nerve of the epicranius as the primary rhythm,
> if the Dell's not good? I love my Dell and there are lots of great
> results. People with MS stand and don't shake. I think this a non
> issue. I also know that all the computers are made of the same parts
> and they are made all over the world in differing conditions by
> different people. Just like we use them all over the world in differing
> conditions. Comparisons of computers is useless to me unless you're
> going to do thousands and compare all aspects of the design,
> manufacture, setup and use - including batches of components and
> subassemblies and conditions of manufacture and installation. One thing
> I do know is that the Creative sound cards - first I used an external
> Extigy and now the PCMCIA Audigy are essential for me. Several times these weren't
> on and this was the only time the results were not representative.
> I haven't used Yonda since last August I don't need to. I get great
> results with the Abacus they are just in a different form. The system
> as Sound Health presents and sells it is robust and consistent. As good
> as any aircraft system I have seen in 10 years of testing all aspects of
> aircraft. It is brilliant and with it one can get into the fine details
> of muscles and nerves and pain and bioacoustic/biochemical balance and
> detox and survival and robust health and function that are not possible
> with anything else I know.
> Thank you beyond words to Sharry and Sound Health. All the best to
> everyone.
> Kim
> Sharry Edwards wrote:
> The issue of soundcard accuracy comes up every few years and
> some still don't know how to deal with it. If I tell people all of what is really
> happening, then I am revealing information that will jeopardize our
> trade secret status. I can't do it - no matter how much I trust people -
> somehow the information always gets out. I am a naturally trusting
> person but I've learned through getting stabbed in the back repeatedly
> that it is better simply not to trust anyone. So a few reminders:
> 1) we ran tests on Turtlebay a few years ago - they didn't work.
> 2) we used very expensive speakers ($600 - $6000 apiece) - they didn't
> work - what worked best was very inexpensive JVC speakers.
> 3) we have tried digital sound presentation many times and we still
> continue to run trials as the techniques improve - we are in the midst
> of running another set of trials with a very well know recording studio.
> 4) we have run tests comparing the Abacus and the Yonda - conference
> paper called Kelly's thumb is one of those tests - each test shows that
> the Abacus and Yonda show the same thing just in different ways -
> especially with the new microphone - the Samson USB microphone - they
> also show the same architecture.
> 5) sound cards are regulated and unless you are using a unbrand of some
> kind, the card specs come under the jurisdiction of regulated
> specifications.
> 6) usually sounds cards are off in a way that is not consistent - over
> the length of the wave form - there is likely a "true" reading in at
> least one octave.
> 7) we have computer programs (somewhere) that account for and correct
> the "offness" of a sound card - we tested them extensively - they didn't
> seem to help.
> 8) we get results - a plus or minus .06 is possible with the programs.
> 9) when there is a large issue - like a large hole in the ground, any
> shovel of dirt will help - it is when you get to the very last shovel
> that it must be carefully placed and by that time you know which sounds
> to use - the reactions of your clients are the ultimate test for accuracy.
> 10) use the obvious and the rest will follow - use the "tweak" function
> on your SMAD - follow up with your client and change the sounds accordingly.
> Sharry
------ Original Message ------ Index
>> Sun, 23 Jul 2006
> Well this is an enormously important question and I thank you for asking
>> it. I have tried a couple of different soundblaster cards, but am not
>> satisfied with the accuracy. I personally feel that the Yonda program,
>> while tedious to use, gives me the most accurate results. As a result,
>> I have had to stop using the Abacus program. I also have been checking
>> my voice plot results by asking my clients to have their physicians
>> check the most important abnormalities with actual blood tests and
>> hair analyses. I am thinking about testing a Turtle Beach sound card
>> as I heard that they are good quality. There is, of course, always
>> the possibility that your SMAD is not accurate. There are programs
>> available on the net that synthesize electronic frequencies, but I do
>> not know which ones are accurate. You might want to talk to a
>> professional sound engineer. I think that may be my next step.
>> Dr. Alan
------ Original Message ------
>> Sun, 23 Jul 2006 12:08:21 PM EDT
>> From: "Kathy Greene Fucetola"
>> To: <SoundHealth>
>> Subject: Re: [SoundHealth] computer/voiceprint accuracy
>> ...
don't worry so much. There is a good
reason that Sharry creates her programs defining Frequency equivalents at zero
points as well as three one hundredths up and down from same. It is not just
because your computer may be slightly off- it is because sound is not so
frequency specific. If you are feeding XX.47, you are also feeding XX.51 and
XX.45. So if you are off a couple of hundredths in picking a point, when you
give sound, it will still go where its needed. Calibration came up as a major
issue a few years ago and everyone freaked out! But the fact is, calibration
problems have always been there and there are many, many success stories in
spite of them! Someday we will all use the same (designed for us) machine
... that will be super carefully designed and
built and there still will be slight differences!! -Kathy
>> ------ Original Message ------
>> Received: Sun, 23 Jul 2006 10:57:44 AM EDT
>> From: Mary B
>> To: SoundHealth
>> Subject: Re: [SoundHealth] computer/voiceprint accuracy
>> Shemaya,
>> I have some thoughts about your question although I have never tested my
equipment for calibration purposes. Most importantly in the presentation of
sounds, the subject will be the test for what works and what doesn't. I would
advise the best answer to minimizing variance in your equipment is to either
avoid it by purchase of good computer equipment or to add an in-line noise
cancelling filters for those frequency ranges that are suspect, if you know
you have a problem. The electronics industry refers to this as 'conditioning'
the signal. For example, the better headsets for cell phones have what is
called a noise cancelling function built into the headsets that helps filter
out the stuff we don't want to hear (white noise), thus allowing us to hear
the voice on the phone more clearly. This same principle can be applied to
data signals like your frequency calibration test.
>> See weblink below to learn more about noise and Signal to Noise (SNR) ratios. a/CompAudioPt1.htm
>> Weblink states "Computer audio is one of the most overlooked aspects of a
computer purchase. With little information from the manufacturers, users have
a hard time figuring out exactly what it is they are getting.' The author
recommends a SNR greater than 90dB (deicbels) for the audio components.
>> In addition to the audio componments, look at the computer itself. One part of
getting a high SNR for all computer internal parts is to minimize your
internal interference (or white noise), or the way the equipment is grounded
and bonded which can make a difference. (Remember static mats for computers?
The reason we don't have them anymore is that the internal components of
computers are now grounded and bonded inside, so you don't have to do it
outside!! No more static or getting shocked - a sign of poor grounding of
components). Rule of thumb on computers in this area usually is the better
well made, the less line losses and frequency distortions there will be (what
they refer to as the noise floor threshold or you want a high signal to noise
ratio). If there is any data on the computer for what the signal to noise
ratio is in various frequency ranges, that would be the rating factor that I
would use for purchase. (I am not sure this test data would be publicly
available, but manufacturers probably have it as in house proprietary data on
this). Weblink also has a few other suggestions for sound cards, etc. I
personally like HP or Sony laptops.
>> Mary Bauer
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: shemayalaurel
>> To: SoundHealth
>> Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 12:21 PM
>> Subject: [SoundHealth] computer/voiceprint accuracy
>> hi all,
>> I'm wondering if everybody doing this work has managed to find a
>> computer that is as accurate, as far as recording exact frequencies,
>> as the tolerances that are used for analyzing the voice prints. For
>> example, has everybody tested their computers with a smad, and found
>> one that checks out to within 0.03 Hz?
>> Kaj, I know that you did, after going through a number of different
>> computers -- I'm wondering if other folks might like to share their
>> own experiences with this process.
>> I've tried three different computers, testing by setting a tone on the
>> smad, connecting the smad headphone output directly to the microphone
>> input on the computer, and making a voiceprint. Results vary,
>> depending on whether it's a low frequency or one that's higher -- the
>> smad that I have goes up to 600 Hz -- but none of them are within .03
>> Hz, and most are quite a lot outside of that range. For example, a
>> tone set at 30 Hz shows on the voiceprint as XX.94 (that's the best)
>> and a tone set at 500 Hz shows on the voiceprint as XXX.565. The range
>> in between shows a gradual increase in error, as frequency increases.
>> I've tried using an external Sound Blaster soundcard, with very little
>> improvement. All three computers are laptops, of different brands.
>> So my question is, are other people also having this problem? And are
>> they continuing with the work regardless? Or has everybody been
>> successful in finding computers that test accurately? Without an
>> accurate computer, it seems like the work can still be successful in
>> finding sounds that are helpful for people (as Sharry has said, if
>> you're putting shovelfuls of dirt in a big hole, it doesn't matter so
>> much how accurate you are-- it still helps), but it also seems that
>> the finely tuned diagnostic work that relies on hundredths of a Hertz
>> to differentiate between nutrients, biochemicals, etc. is not
>> possible. Any thoughts on this would be wonderful to hear -- probably
>> I'm missing something?
>> Also, any suggestions of particular computers that have been
>> successful would be very helpful!
>> Many thanks,
>> Shemaya Laurel


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