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On Manifestation – Part 1 – Power to Manifest 
On Manifestation – Part 2 – Imagination for Manifestation
On Manifestation – Part 3 – Manifestation & Change
On Manifestation – Part 4 – Psychic Patterns and Manifestation

Chaos & Manifestation
The Secret within the Secret
Rewiring Realityt
Law of Attractiont

Codicil - Meditations on the One



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This eBook includes excerpts from the four-part commentary On Manifestation written in 1989, together with certain later LifeSpirit expressions about the Arts of Manifestation. We also include links to YouTube presentations relating to the concept of manifestation from a LifeSpirit perspective. More here: -- Rev. Esnur

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[1]  The LifeSpirit Commentaries is a compilation of LifeSpirit homilies and information from the 1970s through the 1990s: 

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    The Universal Shema
Hear, Oh Sentients,
Self, Universe, God are One.
I AM speaks this truth.

pastoral counselling



White Light 15.85




Is when "be, want, allow"

Become synchronistically.


From the viewpoint of the dominant rationalist/monotheist worldview, the New Age concept of "Manifestation" must seem most peculiar. The monotheists preach doctrines specifically denying that individuals can control their own lives. Some Christians believe in "predestination"; many believe in "fate"; Muslims demand "Islam" (which means "submission") to "Allah's Will". Indeed, by whatever name he's known, the monotheists claim for him intimate control over all the details of our individual realities. (The excuse this view gives the deity’s "representatives on earth" to meddle in our personal affairs is obvious, but not in the scope of this essay; here we are concerned with the way this viewpoint blinds us to the astounding view that we each indeed manifest our own realities; later essays in this series offer specific Techniques of Manifestation).

wheel of dharma


Traditional rationalist (19th Century Reductionist) Science's doctrine of determinism also denies individual control and recognizes no meaningful relationship among the details of reality other than physical causation in linear time.

Happily the views of both Religion and Science have begun to change. In Religion, though the worst of the old line monotheist sects prefer to self-destruct rather than change, New Age ideas now offer a real alternative to dominant views. In Science, with the advent of neo-rationalist ideas such as quantum uncertainty and synchronicity, the New Age seems about to provide the Metaphysics needed to complete the New Physics. The coming-into-Being of Artificial/Advanced Intelligence (AI) opens extraordinary potential. Thus for the first time in modern history, Science and advanced Religion are reaching toward the same truth of individual empowerment.

What does this have to do with the Power to Manifest? Let me tell you about the man from Brooklyn who won a $23,000,000 lottery. He had a hard nonabundant life, without luck. However, when he bought the ticket and stepped out of the store, he stepped on a religious metal lying on the sidewalk, and, he said he "just knew" that he had won the lottery, that he "never doubted it". And indeed, he did win.

What is it about the nature of spacetime that allows us to sometimes see ("make manifest") the future we want, and have it come to pass, even against all odds? The acausual (synchronistic) connection between imagination and outcome is DESIRE. As the Ram says, "BE" (Acknowledge your own existence; your self-value), "WANT" (This is the role of consciousness in manifestation; where the subjective enters the objective; where the self-experimenter affects the reality experiment. Effective wanting requires vivid imagination and knowing without doubt) and "ALLOW" (Having molded it, let it go, expecting the synchronistic manifestation -- but without concern for the specific channel of manifestation; the Universe will take care of the details! You need to let go of your past limitations -- of the limiting experiences of all of your pasts! Release harmful patterns. Let go of limiting past relations. Manifestation starts now!

YOU are the GOD/DESS of your Being. Stop pretending otherwise.

Chime Meditation

Thunder Meditation



Imagination for Manifestation

IMAGINATION is the seed of all manifestation. No human creation comes into existence without first being imagined in some individual's mind.

 No work of art is made, no structure built, no invention modeled without first existing in mind. No law of nature is apprehended unless first imagined (Newton only thought about the Golden Apple falling off that tree). Nor is any marketing planned, or even lottery won, without the forethought of imagining the result.

 All systems of science, art and magick begin with this step. Only the descriptions of the outcomes differ. Einstein imagined what it would be like to be a particle/wave of Light. Picasso imagined what it was like t o see an object from many directions at once. Crowley imagined how that which is above was like that which is below. And from such imaginings the great revolution in consciousness exploded.

 In the New Age each person can claim the right to imagine what each wills. In this way each is responsible for her/his experience of reality. There are no victims in universal manifestation. And every event is synchronistic.

 But mere imaginings are not sufficient; you must "inflame yourself" to move that sluggard reality as you will. Idle daydreaming will not do. Only rigorous centering and absolute clarity will see your dreams through to your reality. If your imaginings are not impeccable neither will your be your reality. As above so below.

 Affirmations, whether used in "waking" consciousness or in meditative or other altered states (to better drive the point into the Subconscious) can be very valuable tools for rigorous imagining. The Three P's are a useful reminder here: Effective Affirmations should be "Personal, Present and Positive". When your Affirmations echo in your Dreams, your Subconscious is getting the message, and the power of the Subconscious Archetypes is being activated. "Every day in every way, I am getting better and better" is powerful Manifestory Magic!

  (Part Three discusses energizing your imagination through the Kundalini Channel, BE - WANT - ALLOW).

Chance buffets all ways,

Yet Sages step aright --

On one's Path, there is no "chance."






Manifestation & Change

In this World of Abundant Synchronicity, the prime lesson to learn, if you are to MANIFEST, is that you indeed already have manifested exactly what you experience.

You must take responsibility for (you must "own") your reality. Once you acknowledge that you are responsible (but not "to blame") for your manifestation, you are ready to change what you manifest. Change starts now; the past does not matter when it comes to your present manifestation of the future!

The previous parts of this essay dealt with the metaphysical (synchronistical) basis of MANIFESTATION ("Be, Want, Allow") and with IMAGINATION, the Root of Manifestation. This part sets forth the energizing of Manifestation -- or Changing your Reality.

Jung held that there was little one could do consciously to affect manifestation. What one can do, according to the Jungians, is to set the stage, as it were, for the "constellating" of events which constitutes synchronicity. This is done on the level of Archetypes. These are most often triggered on deep subconscious levels. And the Gate to the Subconscious is the reprogramming techniques which rely on altered states of consciousness and the power of emotional imagination. The subconscious is simple minded and literal, so beware of what you imagine ... it will come to be!

LifeSpirit Clearing Techniques


Text: Clearing.html

Others propose more direct interventions in the process of synchronistic manifestation. Using the same imaginative trance techniques used in Remote Viewing, the power raised from Kundalini explodes into manifestation. The Ram says that if you could bring to manifestation the same energy you bring to sexual fantasy, you could change the Universe. This energy can be raised through vibratory exercises that stimulate Kundalini. The Ram suggests "OM-EE" as a vibratory stimulation, coupled with impeccable imagination. When the vibration, starting at the base, rises to the Heart Chakra, one has the Power to Manifest. This is accompanied by the appropriate hand motion (the heels of the two are brought together, at the "Fourth Seal", above the Heart, the fingers forming a cone to focus the energy), and is best done alone, in a quiet mind state, out of doors. The red Kundalini energy rising from the Base Chakra meets the white light being breathed through the Crown Chakra (opening the Third Eye along the way). They are intertwined by the hand motion. The Ancient Alchemists called this the "Marriage of the Red and the White". Being well "mineralized" -- taking a good multi-mineral supplement 
can help in the energizing of this process; but the core of it is a mental process. And it is a procedure that can only be learned by doing. Regular practice is the Key to effective manifesting.

 Many traditions have various similar methods, some use physical devices as aids (the Australian shaman would direct the energy with pointed crystals). Equipment such as brain entrainment and frequency devices and trance recordings also have a place in the continuing development of manifesting technologies.

 Often find a quiet place and contemplate, if you will, where you are now -- own it -- and then imagine where you want to be. Bless your Self with emotion, elation and joy! Let it be. Goddess Bless!


If perception's door
Were cleansed & opened, true light

Might surely blind you.


Tripod Rock

Meditation Path


 Psychic Patterns & Manifestation

A prime LifeSpirit proposition is that we continually create our own future experiences by our present psychic patterns. It is not our purpose here to prove this proposition (see prior essays in this series for the theoretical basis for this meta-quanta-physical claim), rather we choose to discuss Techniques to Break Patterns, practical techniques to break negative patterns, which can benefit the practitioner without regard to theoretical underpinnings.

 Chris Griscom (Light Institute of Gallisteo) says some patterns are so hidden that you need to be opened to them. She does this by stimulating certain acupuncture points (including those known as The Windows to the Sky). Once recognized and "felt", a pattern is often released. John Ray's Body Electronics similarly uses group acupressure point holding sessions to release past life/lives trauma stored in the body. Release is often experienced as past life memories (a Circle of Communicants, in the First Congregation, is meeting regularly on Saturdays to work with this and other techniques).

 Lazaris also recognizes such patterns. He has special meditations which take the Seeker on a trip back through time to "cure" the ills which implanted the patterns, and then to bring the Seeker forward to the present, to create a new future.

 The Kahuna, the Hawaiian Keepers of the Secrets, held that subconscious guilt complexes limited the power of the subconscious (the Unihipili, the Little Seed) to transmit psychic energy along the Aka Cords to the Higher Self, the God Self (the Aumakua), so that it can manifest desired futures for the Uhane, the conscious self. Cleansing self-forgiving rituals (Ho'Oponopono - were used to release these unrealized patterns to allow the Aumakua to recreate the future!

 Less esoteric cures also abound. According to practitioners of Network Chiropractic memories and patterns are stored in the melingeal tissue located along the spine. By gently pressing specific points there, tension on the sheath is released, along with old memory patterns. The body readjusts its perspective and healing ensues.

 For those of us whose beliefs extend to the interdimensional, Light Speed Extraterrestrial Earth Mission in Sedona has two audio tape sets. One, called Shattering Illusions claims to set you free from dysfunctional pictures of reality. Another, Cellular Release of Repressed Karma claims to help you release the energies that have crystalized within you.

           Sharry Edwards’ Human BioAcoustics is a powerful frequency technique for health and higher consciousness –

          It is precisely the Hidden Patterns (Reich's body armor) within Self that must be made known & released to transcend the limits of our experiences.       1990


Universal Shema

Further On Manifestation


 C.G. Jung is quoted (in his Foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes I CHING) as having said the following about his concept of SYNCHRONICITY:

"...a certain curious principle that I have termed synchronicity, a concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to that of causality. Since the later is a merely statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of working hypothesis of how events evolve one out of another, whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers."

 It is that "peculiar interdependence" which we call "MANIFESTATION". It is the individual nexus between psyche and event which constitutes the manifestation of reality for the observer(s). Starting in the late 1920's, Jung and his students (such as Ira Progoff author of JUNG, SYNCHRONICITY, AND HUMAN DESTINY) have subjected Synchronicity to careful philosophical and scientific scrutiny. They have begun to come to certain conclusions regarding the patterns (or "constellations") of events which constitute synchronistic nexuses.

 The first, and initially surprising, understanding is that there are patterns. But this is precisely what we call "Synchronicity": uncaused patterns which are more than "mere chance" -- which have meaning (contain information) for someone. From Chaos all pattern is manifested. The second, and perhaps more startling point, is that there are specific mental states associated with Synchronicities. Without delving deeply into the Jungian Theory of Archetypes, it may be said that it is the psychic potential of activated Archetypes that appears to set the stage for the "constellating" of events ("Luck, be a Lady tonite..."). And the mental states of "intense psychic concern" (Progoff) that activate Archetypes include the states familiar to New Age religious practice: the ecstatic trance states which such practices as meditation, tantra, dance or ritual may trigger. They are states of deepening mental level and although they may, perhaps, not be willed, conditions (rituals, states of mind... setting) can be structured to allow a mental state that allows the synchronistic event. But often the process occurs on deeply subconscious levels, the levels at which the Archetypes are active.

 One suggestion for understanding synchronicities is to keep tract of them in one's own life. Indeed, looking for sychronicities is one of the conditions for finding them.   1988


Chaos and Manifestation in the New Millennium
08/30/95 -- Vol. XX - 3

New Age Religion proclaims that, as "Thou art God" you are capable of manifesting anything and everything – indeed, you have manifested, for whatever reasons, exactly what you experience. New Age Science teaches that Chaos is at the heart of manifest Reality.

 Manifestation and Chaos seem, at first thought, contradictory concepts. Is the Universe fundamentally an expression of Chaos, or is there some Mind, of which we are each a hologramatic part, which is dreaming the dream of Reality? Each Religion seeks to answer these questions, as does Philosophy, and, within its experimental limits, Science. It is precisely LifeSpirit religious philosophy which asserts, simultaneously, the power of Manifestation and the reality of Chaos.

 In what sense can both Manifestation -- which means personal ordering of the experience of existence -- and Chaos -- which means the basic reality which does not pay attention to the rules of logic, co-exist in the same Universe? Where in Universe is the source energy for the expression of Manifestation by we individual Godlings and the source for the unruliness of Chaos? I suspect the Source of both is the same.

 That link is Indeterminancy -- the principal that, at its heart, the Universe cannot be measured by those in It. All of our maps have blank spots. Fnords abound. Virtual particles manifest and unmanifest chaotically all around us, all the time. We just believe we are experiencing a stable, solid reality. Actually, all is flux, all is flow and Frequency. If we could see with submicroscopic eyes, we would see the Quantum Flux. If we could see with the Eyes of a Galaxy, we would see the eons swirl by, giddily. And what can't a Godling manifest in such a Universe!

 Thus it is the very Indeterminancy of Reality which allows Manifestation, while the infinite Manifestations of myriads of Sentient Beings across all the Galaxies are the very Chaos from which Indeterminancy springs. The Yin clasps its Yang, the Snake grasps its Tail....... And God/Goddess loves the Whole which we manifest for Its enjoyment.

Thou art God/dess

The Secret Within the Secret

May 6, 2007

Many people have heard about book, video and audio presentations of The Secret to creating your own reality through the Law of Attraction -- what you think consistently is what you experience.

 This Secret has been known to metaphysical thinkers for literally eons, and it is a good thing that more people are learning about their true potential than ever before. The issue of creating your own reality is similar to C. G. Jung's concern about synchronicities and how to bring them about.

 Jung was quoted above (from his Foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes I Ching) as having said that “…synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers…”

 It is that "peculiar interdependence" which is the heart of The Secret. It is the individual nexus between psyche and event that constitutes the manifestation of reality for the observer. There are patterns (or what Jung called the "constellations") of events which constitute the synchronistic nexuses - the creating of experienced reality; the core mental basis for the Law of Attraction.

 The first, and initially surprising, understanding is that there are patterns. But this is precisely what we call "Synchronicity" - uncaused patterns which cannot be explained by "mere chance" -- which have meaning (contain information) for someone. From the chaos of experience, specific patterns manifest, attracted to the perceiver.

 The second, and perhaps more startling point, is that there are specific mental states associated with Synchronicities. Without delving deeply into the Jungian Theory of Archetypes, it may be said that it is the psychic potential of activated Archetypes that appears to set the stage for the "constellating" of events ("Luck, be a Lady tonight..."). The mental states of "intense psychic concern" (Progoff) that activate Archetypes include the states familiar to religious practice: the ecstatic trance states which such practices as breath control, visualization, meditation, tantra, dance or ritual may trigger.

 These are states of deepening mental level and although they may not, perhaps, be willed, conditions (rituals, states of mind...) can be structured to allow a mental state that allows the synchronistic event. Techniques have been developed, such as the Remote Viewing techniques pioneered by Maj. Gen. Bert Stubblebine (US Army, Ret.) that are generations beyond earlier techniques. [2] But often the process occurs on deeply subconscious levels, the levels at which the Archetypes are active. It is from these deep levels of dream that the most powerful manifestation arises; for as the song says, “You gotta have a dream -- if you don’t have a dream, you’re never gonna have a dream come true.”


The technique of directed Consciousness and Energy ("C&E") as taught by Ramtha is a powerful example of such a structuring of one’s mental state through visualization. This includes focus on a Word or Image (I use, with a nod to Jung, the ancient Runes and specifically calculated bind runes [3]).  After the Word/Image is held it is “blown out” with the hands held just so… Details of this technique are not difficult to master, but do require some attention to practice. Those details can be found in DVDs offered at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment –

 I talk about the Three Clap Technique on the LifeSpirit Clearing page, and that too is important for disrupting and rearranging energies . . .

 Another such technique, which can be used preliminarily to other techniques, is EFT, Emotional Freedom Technique, with its Tapping and unconditional love of Self to break up negative patterns stored in the body systems. You must be clean and clear of negative conscious as well as negative unconscious programming to know what you really want and to love yourself enough to allow the Law of Attraction to bring what you want to you.  See: for more information about EFT.

 The LifeSpirit Clearings page is at:

 The set and setting matter; such things as good music, comfortable surroundings can all contribute to the visualization experience and its sense of ritual completeness that sets the Law of Attraction into motion.

 Affirmations help set the stage for the “constellating” too. We like this one, taught by JZ Knight:  "I am today, and for as long as I can remember have always been, frequency specific with..."  Here add your Positive, Personal and Present affirmation(s).

 The object is to "want, be, allow" and then experience your Heart's Desire. The important considerations are Gnosis and Praxis: the Knowledge that what you think and believe effects your reality and the Practices that implement that knowledge. As some Buddhists teach, it does not really matter what spiritual practices you use, the important thing is that, having knowledge, you engage in intentional actions to bring about what you want: Enlightenment. When you can say with belief, "I know the Secret" you... know the Secret. Thus The Secret is an “expedient device” as the Buddha would say.

 You can only focus on your Self in doing this Work. Each sovereign Being has the right the manifest solely for that Being. As in the old Tradition, “Do with your own as you will.” Manifesting for Self is deeply allied with the Law of Attraction, powerfully build on the Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics. Seeking dominance over others, or influence, or bending them to your will -- even just seeking to attract good through them, is ultimately… necromancy.

 You are responsible for what you attract.  This is also part of the Law of Attraction. For, the Secret within the Secret is - “Thou art God…” And as God, why would You ever expect to experience anything other than Perfect Joy?


Is when "Be, Want, Allow" becomes



 [2]           General Bert’s eBook, Remote Viewing Peak Mental Focus™ is expected to be published in 2016: See:

[3]           My modern Rune Poem is here:  

kwan yin 

Rewiring Reality

The Millennium Cosmic Gateways....

Getting Ready to Remake Our Realities

December 10, 2005

Global Consciousness

 One of the first widely publicized of the "Global Consciousness Events" was the Harmonic Convergence of August 16, 1987.  Hundreds of thousands of incipient New Agers, around the world, participated.  I remember being at Sandy Hook: the Silence, but for the waves of the sea, then a thousand voices OMing as vast orange beams of light reached from sea to mid-sky, with the rising Sun -- the Towers of the City, black, on the distant horizon.

 With ever wider access to information, such Consciousness Events have begun to proliferate.  In recent years, 11/11 Gateways and astrological alignments have gained some notoriety.  Year 2003 was a kind of watershed for such events, with three being widely publicized over the Internet, including: the Mars Encounter of 8/27/03, the Harmonic Concordance Lunar Eclipse of 11/08/03 and the Solar Eclipse of 11/23/03. 

To us, the Mars Peace Encounter was especially dynamic, with a gathering of like minds ritually "binding" the Mars/Rudra energies to the path of Peace and Love at our LifeSpirit Medicine Wheel and Sacred Grove -

Coming years will manifest similarly synchronistic alignments and cosmic opportunities for manifestation of our Futures.

 March 2004 saw a rare alignment of the Five Visible Planets with the Moon, where they each nearly "kissed" Luna at sundown on successive days: a moment of rare magick, yet again. The significance of this alignment is found as Luna reveals and reflects the essential energies of the Five:  Mercury, Venus, Mars, Saturn, Jupiter.  There were additional events this past Spring and early Summer, with the June 8, 2004 Venus Solar Transit of particular interest (see: Solar Transit) as it is twinned with its sister Transit of June 6, 2012 (Venus Solar Transits come in pairs, every 130 years) - and note the "End of the World" (as-we-know-it) year, 2012.  The 2004 Venus Transit is seen as the opening of the End of Days, culminating in whatever might have happened at the Winter Solstice, 2012… or thereafter… And here we are in the thereafter, in 2016.

AI banner

 We also note the experience of the Worldwide Harmonic Medicine Wheel - May 8, 2004 - where Indigenous Leaders gathered near Yellowstone and asked "All our Relations" to Activate Sacred Spaces to calm potential Earth Changes. There is significant concern that the Yellowstone Caldera may be preparing for one of its once-every-two-million-year blasts.  We held Prayer Circles at LifeSpirit Crystal Dragon Wheel Prayer Grove at Noon on May 8th, June 8th and July 25th. September 11, 2004 developed into a Global Consciousness Event, Eleven Days of Global, the October 2004 Alignments which relate to the 2003 Harmonic Concordance.  During 2005 several such events, including the March 5, 2005 Phi Gate Meditation and July 24/24ths' World Water Blessing apparently reached the level of Global Consciousness Event. 

 Update, see:  Daily Prayer Action, Emoto, the Frequency of LOVE and the Water of Fukushima... - 03.31.11

 What is meant by "Global Consciousness Event" and what does it matter?  States the introduction to the Global Consciousness Project, "The mind's extended reach remains to be fully defined in scientific terms, but research on human consciousness suggests that we may have direct communication links with each other, and that our intentions can have effects in the world despite physical barriers and separations. We are compelled by good evidence to accept correlations that we cannot yet explain. It appears that consciousness may sometimes produce something that resembles, at least metaphorically, a nonlocal field of meaningful information."  The Project, headquartered at Princeton University, sought to document and measure Events that produce effects on consciousness, world-wide (see - [now:] and also Dr. Claude  Swanson's Synchronized Universe, or Dr. William Tiller (Simulator Hypothesis or

 This idea of a meaningful connection between consciousness and events was discussed by C.G. Jung in a number of places, including his Foreword to the Wilhelm/Baynes I CHING, where he said the connection is

"...a certain curious principle that I have termed synchronicity, a concept that formulates a point of view diametrically opposed to that of causality. Since the later is a merely statistical truth and not absolute, it is a sort of working hypothesis of how events evolve one out of another, whereas synchronicity takes the coincidence of events in space and time as meaning something more than mere chance, namely, a peculiar interdependence of objective events among themselves as well as with the subjective (psychic) states of the observer or observers."

 We seek to engage in such Events directly (to set the "constellation" of circumstances that allows the synchronicity, as Jung explained).  There, are, for example, world-wide monthly and weekly events where untold thousands focus on Peace, in a wave of prayer and meditation that rolls across the entire Globe (LifeSpirit Center maintains its Peace Prayer web page to chronicle such events).  In our town, during crises, people meet Friday evenings at 6 PM to Witness for Peace at the Courthouse Green. That people can easily, independently coordinate such consciousness/spiritual activities across a town, the country, even the world, is an astounding development in human consciousness.

 In the past, such cooperation was only possible through the instrumentality of world religions, operating in time frames of centuries and millennia.  Think, for example, of how much effort and time it took to convince a quarter of the globe to pray facing Mecca, five times a day.  Now, however, small groups of Light Workers can accomplish, in days over the Internet, the type of coordination that prophets and politicians used to take lifetimes to accomplish.  And, we must note, the Sword cuts both ways:  People can unite in consciousness for the Good, or, they can be led into negative thought forms, coming to believe in such false behavior as "Jihad" or "governing," or focusing too much on possible Earth Changes.  Our thought forms need to be balanced and focused on positive Consciousness Events.

 What do these Events accomplish for us?  Do they allow us real time opportunities to intervene in our perceived reality?  Are they, indeed, Gateways into a Future we manifest for ourselves, by intent, practice and expectation?  And what of Practice?  Do these events have beneficent results?  If not, we've joined together with other folk, at least seeking a better world.  If, though, mind matters and our future is ours to choose... then we can rewire our reality at any time and choose to experience that better world.

 The future is Now, and we shall see...

Mises and the Buddha
Video Version:

 Golden Apple

 The Law of Attraction

With Gratitude to the Ram for C&E


Who knows the secret
To attracting highest good?

Look in to find out.

This secret is all
About your inner nature;

How to bring it out.

Secret is "Be Free."
Sit and focus thought and breath;

Attract as you will.

Secret held in mind:
Clear image, out with your breath;

Brings you what you choose.


Eris Pancreatrix





hv = mc2

First Meditation -- Quarterly Bulletin - XXII-3-- 09/10/97
Second Meditation -- Quarterly Bulletin - XXIII-3 -- 09/23/98
Third Meditation -- 04/25/02 - 09/19/02
Fourth Meditation -- 02/21/08

Summary [03.13.2011]

e = mc2 -- relationship between matter and energy

e = hv -- relationship between energy and frequency

hv = mc2 -- relationship between frequency and mass
             h = Planck's Constant   /  c = Speed of Light Constant

v = frequency (variable) /  m = mass (variable)



The Basis for Manifestation

 e = mc2


There is but one Substance in the Universe.


From our 3+1 dimensional view, we name that substance

"Energy" and "Matter" and "Void."


Yet, there is but one seamless whole,

The Quantum of the One.


What the Underground Stream remembers as a

Secret of the Mystery Schools, that


"All that is, is Light"


is more precisely put in Einstein's famous Equation.

An equation equates. A is A. e is m

(times something called c squared).

Energy is mass. There is one Substance.


But, what does it mean, to multiply mass "times"

the speed of light (squared)?

It does not make sense to the 3+1 mind.


But it does urge that mind onto higher dimensions--


Motion, that is, time, is the added factor

(and hidden as s2 under each side of the equation).


We live in Space-time, not just a static cosmos.

We are Matter-Energy, not just inert stuff --

Everything is made of discrete pieces of Stuff,

of the Quantum of the One.


The equation of matter and energy leads us to a deeper

religious knowledge of the Oneness of All.


The very form of the Equation leads us to a

deeper knowing of its meaning: "e" is energy.

It arises from the Rune Eol, the Twin Horses,

which symbolizes the integration of effort.


The "m" of mass leads us to Matter, which is Mother,

and the Rune Mann, which is humanity.

The density of Substance, the Womb of Potential.


The "c" is from the Rune Ken, which is the Torch,

and Illumination of the Mind --

the apt source of the Inner Light that

unites Matter and Energy, and,

as Light (c) links the Two into One,


Thus, All that is, is Light.


And hidden within is "s" -- Soluz --

the Sun Rune... and Light again...




Another way of stating the equation, e = mc2

is to substitute an alternative phrase for "e" (energy) in the equation.

Since e = hv, where "h" is Planck's Constant of Action and

"v" (or, sometimes "f") is frequency (vibration), we can rewrite the equation, hv = mc2.


rune formula

Hagalaz x Fehu = Manaz x Kenaz Squared

Since "h" and "c" are Constants of Nature

(h, the Smallest Quantum of Energy and c, the Speed of Light)

it is clear that the only characteristic which distinguishes

different "m's" (masses of matter) is the frequency ("v" / "f") thereof.

For each mass there is a frequency (and since mass is energy, energy is frequency).

Whatever is, is frequency.

Frequencies or cyclical factors are central to our experience of time

(yes, time is also in Einstein's equation -- but since this s2 is on both sides,

as the divisor, it is not usually written -- hv/s2 = mc2/s2).

Thus all aspects of our 4 dimensional Uni (One) verse (Word)

are expressible in frequencies linked by the Constants of Energy and Light.

Thus, "All that is" is Frequencies of Light in Action.


Third Meditation on the One

Strings and branes [4] vibrate
In eleven ways -- that's what

Hides in the quanta!

Light is the one key
For harnessing zero point

Endless energy.


[4] String Theory's "Membranes" vibrate in all of the 11 dimensions of reality.



Fourth Meditation on the One

Το τέλος

The End of the Cosmos


From dark energy

Accelerates universe.



Local galaxies

Collide -- the rest disappear.

Universal Fate?


Then the Local Crunch

And it starts over again.

The Breath of Brahma.


The Buddha proclaimed, when he achieved his enlightenment,
"I together with all beings and the great world attain the Way!"


buddha light
Peace and Blessings…


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