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Can Vocal Prints be used to determine the Exposure and Presence of Anthrax? Statement of Sharry Edwards -- October 28, 2001

The potential to identify Anthrax and other bioterrorist pathogens through individualized, computerized vocal prints may be as close as your computer!

You donıt need to wait until you have been exposed. A vocal print can quickly determine if the Frequency Equivalents
TM of the Anthrax pathogen exists as part of your energy pattern, how vulnerable your system is and if you have been exposed.

How can this be done? Why havenıt you heard about this before? A highly respected, but little know, research organization, Sound Health Research Institute, a non-profit 501-C-3, located in rural Ohio, has been conducting studies using an emerging technique known as BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling to provide the proof of concept of these techniques.

The International Association of New Science; in part for her work with resistant pathogens, recently honored Sharry Edwards, the pioneer of this innovative technique, as the SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR (

BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling can identify the Frequency EquivalentsTM of nutrients, biochemicals, weak or strong muscles, toxins and pathogens within the vocal print of individuals. Voice frequencies can identify pathogens and also provide mathematical frequency sets that can assist the body eradicate them.

The evidence shows that in recent months, BioAcoustic technology has been able to, under microscopic observation, stimulate the immune system to dissolve the ringed protein barrier used by pathogens, such as Anthrax and Smallpox to cloak themselves. Pathogens require a biological host. When an invading pathogen infiltrates an organism, it must conceal its identity in order to not be detected and destroyed by the bodyıs immune system. It is postulated that when protein digestion is inefficient, cloaking takes place by the pathogens using left over debris found in the blood.

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The presentation of BioAcoustic low frequency analog sound showed a dramatic decrease in the symptoms of both of these resistant pathogens. Biological lab testing as able to substantiate the information provided by the vocal print.

Using the data from these virus and bacteria studies, the technique shows the potential to identify and eradicate bioterrorist pathogens such as anthrax, smallpox and salmonella but controlled studies would need to be undertaken to validate the eradication of such dangerous and lethal pathogens

Throughout history, infectious diseases have plagued mankind. With the advent of modern biochemical antibiotics, many of these diseases seem to have been eradicated. However, many new diseases have been identified, some of which are mutations of previously "cured" diseases, in the form of resistant pathogens. Our entire ecosystem has now become vulnerable to these resistant pathogens due to the fact that as these invaders move from host to host they mutate, so that what worked against them today doesn't work tomorrow. This has caused extreme concern for those in charge of public health. If we don't have the resources to keep up with the mutations, how can the public be protected? How will the people even know how to take precautions against infection?

Terrence Bugno, MD has been an integral part of the BioAcoustic research team for several years. Dr. Bugno warns,

Take a large population of persons exposed to anthrax; give them cytotoxic antibiotics, such as Cipro. The Cipro totally rearranges, destroys, and alters the normal bacterial flora, and inherent defenses the body. The body has it's own ecology and symbiotic relationships in the GI tract, and the aerodigestive tract (nose, mouth, throat, airways, lungs,) and also the skin. The net result is a change, an altered scenario, which can then breed genetic mutations creating resistant antibiotics, much like has been found in hospital systems...called nosocomial infections, where antibiotic resistant pathogens are found. Resistant to conventional means (MRSA, i.e.. methicillin resistant staph aureus is common in hospitals, these pathogens must be addressed in more aggressive realms. The concept of 'prophylatically affecting large groups of patients in a relative locale could have its own negative ramifications; moreover, none of these patients, to my knowledge, are given anything to help rebalance or realign the natural microbial flora (such as Probiotics, etc.).... it's an enormous dilemma.

Obviously, Bioacoustics could obviate much of this problem, and I offer this as yet another observation on a greater degree of selectivity it has over conventional pharmaceuticals, even at the risk of incensing the drug community.

Using BioAcoustics, the mutations of those pathogens can be identified within minutes. Other debilitating diseases such as chronic fatigue, influenza, AIDS, etc., can be identified. Work is underway to test animals and environments.

Using frequency to decloak these pathogens is the first step in establishing control. "We feel we are adding to the information that Rife started and the Universe was not ready to receive," said Karen Almashy, a participant in the Sound Health Research Institute study. "In Rife's time, it wasn't so urgent; now it is."

Rife and many others knew that frequency is the key to controlling pathogens. It is the key to stimulating the body to fight its own pathogens. The main issue has been finding the correct frequency, in light of the constant mutations, and the appropriate waveform to control them.

Why does frequency work to dissolve the ringed protein barriers used by resistant pathogens to cloak themselves? Why use frequency? Light is frequency. Sound is frequency. Aroma is frequency. Emotion is frequency. Vibration is frequency. Music is frequency. Brain waves are frequency. Nerve impulses are frequency. Everything, at its most common denominator, is frequency. Frequency is everything and everything is frequency. In reality, there are no solids. We exist in a universe that consists entirely of energy. Einstein proved this. Frequency defines it.

Not only can the Frequency EquivalentsTM of these pathogens be identified but low frequency analog sound can be used to stimulate the body to eliminate these pathogens. Preliminary testing shows that low frequency analog sound, in specific formulations, may effect mold in non-human hosts. This would mean that humans, animals, environments and terrain could be effectively treated using low frequency analog sound. A computerized collection program would be able to map potential pockets of invading pathogens before an outbreak occurred.

At present the populace has little access to anthrax testing and control. We hear about FBI involvement with testing and million of Cipro tablets bought by the U.S government. Very little is being heard about natural cures like BioCidin, Olive Leaf and just plain immune boosters expect from a small group of people who are trying hard to promote the idea of SELF HEALTH.

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The body, in its infinite wisdom, has a perfect feedback loop to make it possible for the body to diagnose and provide a set of healing frequencies as a self-diagnosis and prescription. The system--the voice to provide sound, and the ear to perceive sound--is a perfect diagnostic tool that can provide reliable predictive, preventive and curative options for SELF HEALTH. In no other system in the body is a feedback loop used in such a conscious way. This system is operating even when we are comatose. It only ceases when our life-force ceases--and we really don't know that for sure. Our ears transmit a stabilizing sound, an oto-acoustic emission, which is a constant attempt to provide healing frequencies to the body.

This ability is just now being considered as a viable complement to modern medicine, but references from ancient civilizations reveal that sound had been used for thousands of years to balance and maintain health. Tibetans know the positive vibrational effects of bells and chanting. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners recognize that properly flowing energy, or chi, is fundamental to good, balanced health. The Bible equates "the Word", a form of sound, with God and creation.

Today it seems that these ancient wisdoms are being revisited as conventional medicine, with its previous reliance upon the scientific method, begins to pay attention to the potential of frequency to nourish and support the body's capacity to self-heal. The medical establishment is just starting to recognize the relationship between the frequencies of the voice and biochemical but nearly everyone is familiar with the events in a young manıs life when his voice begins to change in response to changing hormones.

Each one of us possesses unique harmonies of frequency that can be expressed through the voice. However, when the frequencies of the body become unbalanced, that disorder is also expressed through the voice and manifests as disease or stress at the structural and biochemical levels of the body.

Our body functions as a compilation of frequencies and frequency relationships. The brain functions through the use of brain waves, which are measurable as frequency. The heart emits frequency to keep the heart beating in rhythm. Nerve transmission is accomplished through the use of frequency pathways. Organs, nerves, tissue and bone are themselves made up of substances, which are, at their base, energy--measurable in cycles per second. The body is alive with frequencies that interact in cooperative resonance, in harmony.

A short section of the voice--a recording of less than a minute in duration--can be assessed using a system that analyses an individual's frequency status. Those frequencies, in specific combinations, can then in turn be used to support normal form and function.

Using data from vocal analysis, it can be shown that every muscle, every compound, every process and structure of the body has a Frequency EquivalentTM that can be mathematically calculated. The body is a mathematical matrix of frequency interactions. Biochemical relationships are frequency relationships. The body's ability to heal itself originates as an interaction, biochemical and/or structural, which is a predictable mathematical frequency response.

A Vocal Profile can show the combination of notes and the corresponding frequencies that can be used to create the coherent mathematical patterns that are required by our bodies. When these patterns become dissonant, dis-ease is the result. How simple, then, to monitor and maintain our own health through a daily review of our vocal print?

The discovery of the mathematical relationships underlying the science of sound clearly demonstrates that harmonics was not an abstract concept but adhere to strict and predictable mathematical principles. These precise harmonics, used in combination with the Frequency EquivalentsTM, form an intricate harmonic synergy that maintains stasis essential for optimal health.

The frequencies of the voice can be predictive, diagnostic, prescriptive and curative. Recent pilot studies show that Parkinsonıs, ADD, leaky gut, eczema, gout and many other "incurable" issues can be addressed using BioAcoustic techniques.

This provides the foundation for the concept that the body's ability to heal itself can originate as frequency interactions between the molecular signals of the entire body.

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These examples represent only a small fraction of the information that can be gleaned from vocal prints. The field of vocal analysis, utilizing the idea that frequencies contained in the voice are holographic representations of one's state of health, is quickly gaining a reputation for excellence.

Using the voice to monitor the body is a new, developing science. Not all of the answers are obvious, but there is enough known information for definitive patterns of disease states to be established. Dr Andy Weil, Dr Robert O. Becker, Dr William Tillis, Dr Josh Oschman, Dr Alfred Tomatis and Dr Richard Gerber, among other distinguished professionals, all agree that frequency and rhythm, as various forms of energy, can be important aspects
of understanding and healing the body.

Vocal Profiling, with its capabilities for predictive, pre-diagnostic and evaluative assessments of the body, is well on its way to becoming an intrinsic part of regular health care. Just as we look at the medicine bag of ancient shaman as inadequate, future generations will look at our modern pharmacies as archaic as frequency medicine grows and becomes the medicine of the future.
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About the Author:

Sharry Edwards, M.Ed., is Executive Director of Sound Health Research Institute, Inc., a non-profit, educational research institute dedicated to the emerging field of BioAcoustics. Courses developed from the technology, pioneered by Edwards, are offered through Capital Universityıs Integrative Medicine program. The International Association of New Science recently awarded the SCIENTIST OF THE YEAR ( Edwards, an international speaker and author.
Not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure any disease.

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