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BioAcoustics and Bio-Terrorism

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Sharry Edwards recognized with New Scientist Award.


Sharry Edwards - The Byte Show Interview, sebyteshow.htm
Human BioAcoustics, Bio-terrorism and Vaccination
- 01/24/03

Vocal Profiling for Pathogen Evaluation (10/28/01)

November 5, 2001 Update: News Article on Sharry Edwards' Lecture on BioAcoustics & BioTerrorism

February 7, 2002, Pilot Study of Ground Zero Toxin Exposure, 911toxinstudy.html

See also, August 2002 BioAcoustics Conference Report.


Sharry Edwards is the creator of BioAcoustics. She has spent the last thirty years developing a matrix of "Frequency Equivalentsä" for the human body. Her website is and there you will find an article about decloaking pathogens with sound. A version of this article appeared in Nexus Magazine,, last year. The original Research Paper for the article is published Below.

Sharry has identified the Frequency Equivalents for smallpox, anthrax, etc., and if they mutate, she can calculate the new numbers in minutes. Her vocal spectrum analysis program (which many have tried to copy, but no one comes close!) can reveal a pathogen in minutes vs. days of "culturing" by the experts.

Sharry created combinations of Frequency Equivalents that dissolve the protective coating around a pathogen so the white blood cells can destroy it. If you call her office, you can purchase a video of a chlamidia pneumoniae pathogen being decloaked by sound, then destroyed, while under a microscope.

She is researching to see if the right frequencies, played by select radio stations (even at inaudible levels) may be protective from the effects of biochemical warfare.

Sharry does not get her Frequency Equivalents by meditating, guessing, or dowsing. She gets them by using the table of elements and lots of math! Her work is a combination of hard science, the new physics and spirit and she is brilliant! I have been studying alternative health modalities, especially those based on energy, for over twenty years and have found no work as sophisticated as Sharry's, nor as necessary at this Time.

Kathy Greene Fucetola,



911 Message from Ms. Edwards

Everyone is pulling together to respond to the horrid terrorist attack on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. Our prayers are for all those caught in this tragic event.

BioAcousticä Research has been successful in assisting the body in dealing with Epstein Barr (a virus) and Chlamydia Pneumoniae (a bacterium), and others, using low frequency sound. To date it has only been done on a small scale but this could be extremely useful in the event of a biological attack.

With this threat of biological warfare the research that we have been able to do is vital.

The technique would allow for large-scale resistance for invading pathogens such as those listed in the article published in the September 24, 2001 issue of USA today.

Within minutes we can determine the antidote of any pathogen attack and prepare an antidote that could be quickly disseminated through the internet and by radio. Please help me get this information to those in charge. It is vital.

Vocal Profiling for Pathogen Evaluation (10/28/01)

Sharry Edwards
740-698-9119 office



Using Low Frequency Sound to Dissolve Ringed Protective Cloaks
Used by Invading Pathogens

Copyright, June, 2000 by Sharry Edwards. All Right Reserved.

No part of this publication can be used without expressed written permission from Sharry Edwards. Reproduced on the Sound Health Research Institute web site, with permission.

Sharry Edwards, MEd, Karen Almashy, MA, Terrence Bugno, MD, Carole Bergeron, RN


Index: Abstract, Discussion, Experimenters, Introduction, Method, Procedure, Results, References



Throughout history mankind has been plagued by pathogenic organisms which can be responsible for a myriad of ailments. Though the advent of modern biochemical antibiotics, many of these diseases have been eradicated while many more have been created or mutated to take their place

Our entire ecosystem has now become vulnerable to these resistant pathogens due to the fact that as these invaders move from host to host, they mutate so that what worked against them today, doesn't work tomorrow

A 1998 study
3 at Tufts University Medical School in Boston, directed by Stuart Levy, supported the premise that pathogens are capable of biological adaptations which change their structure. The study showed that germs can genetically mutate into tougher super-strains if they are repeatedly exposed to, but not killed by, antiobiotic drugs and antibacterial agents. An Associated Press article quoted federal figures showing that the top six bacteria found in hospitals are resistant to at least one drug.

Such pathogens as Epstein Barr have caused a range of reactions from asymtomatic to florid infections; it is predicted that the incidious infections associated with AIDS and influenza will kill millions.

In an attempt to examine this incursion of invading pathogens a pilot study was undertaken to explore the possibiity that low frequency sound could be used to influence pathogen activity in the blood.

During the small study (N=17), pathogens identified as Epstein Barr, Chlamydia pneumonia and yeast were identified in blood samples. Ambient low frequency sound was then presented directly to the blood samples. In each case the sound frequency had the ability to effect the invading pathogens.

KeyWords: resistant pathogens, evading pathogens, dark field blood analysis, Epstein Barr, Chlamydia pneumonia, low frequency sound, BioAcoustics.



Many pathogens, that invade our bodies and our environments, have become resistant and this has caused extreme concern for those in charge of public health. If we don't have the knowledge to keep up with the mutations, how can the public be protected? How will the public even know how to take precautions against such infections?

For the common person, these invaders have no face. Not in all cases does a person even know in what way he/she may become infected; from our food and water sources to the atmosphere we share on an airplane. Causes can range from unsanitary conditions and habits to ignornance and laziness. Sometimes there isn't any outward sign before a strike occurs. In some cases deliberate infections are suspected but we still don't know the truth.

What we do know is that our planet and our bodies are constantly challenged by the pathogens that are causing a plethora of diseases and syndromes. Hulda Clark states that Cancer, one of the most feared of diseases, is caused by these pathogens
4,5. Heart disease and pulmonary embolism have been connected to Chlamydia pneumonia. Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D. in his recent publication co-authored with Sara Bernum, MA, reported that the University of Utah School of Medicine, cardiology division, confirmed a strong correlation between heart disease and infection with Chlamydia pneumonia6. Chronic fatigue shows a strong connection to Epstein Barr. The list is long and growing.

To add to the problem, these pathogens have been able to use our own body processes against us. These pathogens have the ability to create a protective hiding cloak, from our own biochemical debris, so that the body will be fooled into thinking that the pathogen is part of normal form and function.

Many well-funded projects manned by conventional scientists are working furiously to combat this problem. Those in the alternative health field are also sharing in the social responsibility of this issue. Studies using low frequency analog sound presentation have shown the ability to ameliorate a wide variety of structural and biochemical issues. It wasn't a great leap to question the use of such techniques to influence the activity of a pathogen.

The results of a small pilot project show that the presentation of low frequency analog sound, in specific frequency sets, have been able to, under microscopic observation, dissolve the coating used by some pathogens to cloak and protect themselves from detection by the body's defense mechanisms. The technique was used successfully against Epstein Barr, a virus; Chlamydia pneumonia, a bacteria; and yeast.




A total of 31 vocal prints were used for evaluation. Of these prints, 17 exhibited the Frequency Equivalents(tm)* for Epstein Barr, Chlamydia pneumonia or yeast.

[For this study BioAcoustic voice spectral analysis was used. The technique utilizes a computerized evaluation of a 44 second sample of the vocal frequencies.]

*BioAcoustic terminology: A Frequency Equivalent is a frequency representation of an element or compound.



Carol Burgeron, RN, Dark field microscopy instructor
Terrence Bugno, MD, FACR, oncologist
Karen Almashy, MA
Sharry Edwards, Director Sound Health

All experimenters were trained in a specific low frequency analog presentation technique: BioAcoustics - as taught through Hocking College in Nelsonville, Ohio.



Using a voice spectral analysis as a guide, blood samples were taken from persons who had been identified as having the Frequency Equivalents of either Epstein Barr or the Chlamydia pneumonia pathogens present.

In addition a standard lab test was done to confirm the presence or absence of both pathogens. The high cost of these tests ($400 per person) prevented the lab examination of blood samples from every subject.

Self-report summaries were used to further establish the presence of symptoms of Epstein Barr and Chlamydia pneumonia.

Blood samples were prepared for viewing through a dark field microscope. Specific pathogens were identified. As the pathogen appeared on the video screen, an analog, low frequency, ambient, sound was presented to a pathogen. A video was made of the blood
as the process progressed.

As the low frequency sound formula set was presented, the ringed barrier of the pathogen began to vibrate and deteriorate. Video samples at 2, 5, and 8 minutes show that as the ringed barrier deteriorated, the nearby neutrophils, that were to this point inactive,
moved to intercept the pathogen.

Within fifteen minutes, the pathogen was no longer discernable.

[In original, photos with explanations inserted here]

Each pathogen required the use of a specific frequency that was identified as the Frequency Equivalentä of the particular pathogen.



A filmed recording of the activity under the microscope showed that as the coating of Epstein Barr was dissolved the neutrophils (the cells that attack invaders) were activated. The activity of the neutrophils was nil until the Epstein Barr was decloaked even though the two were separated by minute distances. As the decloaking transpired, it was obvious that the neutrophil was not aware of the invader until the ringed coating had begun to dissolve. After the decloaking, the neutrophil immediately and completely consumed the pathogen.

In the beginning of the study, frequencies identified in the Hulda Clark's publication, Cure For All Disease, were used but it was found these were not accurate or that mutations had taken place making the frequencies published by Clark, unusable.

Although this was only a pilot study a review of the study shows positive promise regarding the eradication of resistant and invading pathogens using low frequency analog presentation:

[Specific frequencies are not being listed here to protect the public from laypersons who may attempt to use the frequencies inappropriately. Notes, as identified by the even tempered scale, have been substituted.]

Specific Pathogens: Epstein Barr, Chlamydia, Yeast

Epstein Barr

-listed in Clark as being a frequency relating to the musical note of C#

-was found to actually range from sharp C# to flat D

-When the pathogen numbers were high there was an activeinfection plus symptoms (the symptoms varied in intensity- the most common being fatigue.

-When the Reciprocal* was high, a ntibodies were present in the blood tests

-When detoxing from Epstein Barr - ears and throat infections, pain and sensitivity in those areas was noticed

-Reports show that Epstein Barr pathogens tend to aggregate in the head lymphatic and neck area

-Epstein Barr is a virus

*BioAcoustic terminology: A Reciprocal is the mathematically opposite or complement of a frequency as used in BioAcoustic research. It is designed to perform as an antidote.

Chlamydia pneumonia

-not listed in Clark

-not the sexually transmitted variety - this strain is airborne

-frequency = a sharp C#

-also involves the note of A - which has been

associated with blood cloting co-factors and enzyme activity

-Chlamydia pneumonia attacks the lungs and pulmonary; heart and circulatory systems - symptoms include: labored breathing, dizziness and passing out, accelerated heart
rate, high blood pressure, confused thinking, loss of short term memory

-For active cases, a narrow range of C# was active in each chart

-Notes of flat A and sharp A# were involved;

-for those with high protease, symptoms did not appear as severe

-for those with blood type O, symptoms were short and less severe

-When the Base* was high, an active infection was present

-When the Reciprocal was high, antibodies were being produced as verified by blood tests

-there is a presumption that the Chlamydia induced a protective clot-like cloak to prevent detection

-a protective coating cloaked the entire pathogen from the neutrophils

-eating fatty foods or heavy meals exacerbated the labored breathing more than would be normally expected

-depending on how much fatty food or how large the meal, symptoms would dissipate within 1/2 hour to 4 hours

-protease and serraptase helped to dissipate the symptoms -those with poor protein digestion, as shown through dark field microscopy, were most vulnerable

-Trauma (brand name) from Thera-zyme has a particularly high dose of protease. It proved effective in reducing symptoms

-chest x-rays do not show the clots that the dark field procedure identified as being present

-clotting studies did not indicate any abnormalities in the blood cloting co-factors

[It is suggested that a pulmonary arteriogram or a spiral CT of the lung be ordered to verify the presence of these small clots that were associated with Chlamydia.]

-one infected and particularly vulnerable client exhibited small pinch like, bruises (Petechiae)

-one client, before he arrived at our Clinic, reported that he has been given a pacemaker to stop the accelerated heart rate - the breathing symptoms were still present after the placement of the pacemaker

-one client was told that he needed heart surgery to clear blocked arteries - after testing it was discovered that this was not the case

-one client was told that absolutely nothing was wrong - it was simply stress

Four persons in the study ended up in the hospital - not one hospital discovered Chlamydia pneumonia or that a pathogen was the cause of the symptoms.

-reactivation of the infection is possible

-incubation - 10-14 days

-Doxycyline is reported to kill this strain of Chlamydia-giving the Frequency Equivalent(tm)* for Doxycyline produced side effects as if the medication had been given - even though the subject had never taken this medication previously.

*BioAcoustic terminology: A Base frequency is the identifying issue, as used in BioAcoustic research, as it is expressed mathematically.


-species present identified as Candida

-frequency used as identified by Clark

-immediate reaction by body immune response

-yeast in the sample was efficiently scavaged and consumed

-presence of yeast confirmed by self report

-this entire process was so quick that it appeared to be uneventful. No secondary trials were required.

-the elimination of yeast was not a primary focus of the study



For those in the study, voice spectral analysis was able to identify those persons who had been infected, those who had created antibodies to the Chlamydia and those who were on their way to being free on the active infection.

Voice spectral analysis proved to be an inexpensive and effective method to determine which pathogens were present and which antibodies were being manufactured by the body.

Improving protein digestion and the immune system response is a major step in eliminating the materials available for cloaking. Using frequency to decloak invading and resistant pathogens is a first line defense after infection.

It is important to note that analog, as opposed to digital, sound presentation was used based on the research of Robert Becker. MD. Becker concluded that the analog data transmission and control system located in the perineural cells transmits information by
means of the flow of a semiconducting DC electrical current "that senses injury and controls repair."

The advantage of low frequency analog sound presentation to combat pathogens is the potential to treat the entire body simultaneously.

This study is ongoing and will continue, as funding becomes available, as a means to provide immediate and effective measures to combat mutated pathogenic strains of bacteria, virus and yeast.



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6 Jeffrey A. Bland, Genetic Nutritioneering, Keats Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, 1998.

BioAcoustics is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease.
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