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The Hidden Stream

A Sacred Epic of Consciousness and History

"The Truth is Everywhere..."

By Rev. Esnur

Index: Goddess, Millennium, Hidden Stream


'Til you remember
The God that You are,
You'll need to come back... to play!

 I.  Goddess

Before the word was written,
Goddess held the hearth
From which civility was forged;
First, rude creatures
Scavenging the veldt,
Wandering across the trackless earth,
Mixing their bones with fossils
Of long dead beasts;
Forgotten, the God/dess within.

No single Mind with which to See.

Then there were hearths
That women tended.
And tracks to hearths
By hunters tread,
Long roads . . . Long time...

By differentiation
Humanity arose from bestiality,
And Goddess, by the hearth, sat smiling.

Demeter, by Eleusian hearth, smiled.
Smiling, meditating on flame, Mother watches,
Weaving wreathes of rusty rye sheaves.

It was She who taught
The corn to grow
In furrows by the hearth home:
"Plow my furrow" Inanna taught.

In ancient Ur: plow Gaia's furrow
And She gives forth all good things;

Trackless world becomes verdant fields;
Becomes canals & roads & city walls.

Cycles of birth, growth and rebirth
She taught from Her furrow and Her hearth.
Logic and skills were learned tending
Hearthomes demarcated from the wild.
The written word was forged:

The hunter plowed Her field
And brought forth gods,
Priesthoods, temples, warriors & sages.

The word became fleshed
And mind became words
In the inner ear:
Two minds, one singing myths,
The other building bridges;

Where the single Mind?
Where the seeing Eye?

Hearthside Demeter, smiling, smiling.

Ishtar went to Eridu,
To Her wise father Enki:
She danced before His drunkenness
And took the sacred me,
The power words of civil arts,
For the growth of human consciousness
And evolution of the single mind.

Eris tossed the golden apple
Amongst snubbing Olympians,
Whose qualities, They argued,
Are seen to be the most desirable?

To Kallisti! To the Most Beautiful!

They called Paris to arbitrate;
Aphrodite's bribe was fair Helen,
And humanity learned... war and poetry.
Who is the Most Beautiful? Who the Fairest?

Freya fed Them golden apples of immortality,
But wise Wotan lost Her foolishly,
And soon enough Valhalla flamed away.

Yet Issis knows the secret
Of the single Mind:
She wears the Eye of Horus
Shining on Her brow.

Cradling Her golden grain,
Mother Demeter sits smiling
By the hearth, weaving, weaving...

Dreaming images of ages:
Smiling, smiling in the firelight,
Seeing all our incarnations --
And God/dess that in Truth each is.

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When night sky was dark
Stars mapped spirit world --
A named god is not the God.

II. Millennium -- the Connections among Us

I celebrate the century past
(half of which I saw).
Anticipate the coming Age--
Long, the road through time,
To this present moment.

Ten millennia ago the
Atlantis flowering floundered,
Sank beneath the rising seas,
As the glaciers melted.

Slowly, new growth.
Each isolated habitat
With its legends of a Golden Age --
That time when alien divinity
Walked with our humanity.

Respect for Goddess lingered long;
Earth bedecked with standing stones --
Circles of power,
Her nurturing energies.

Then encroaching patriarchy,
Suppressing first blooms of
Antediluvian survival --
Instituting conquest, slavery,
Subjugation of women
And the blood-thirsty
Cults of false reptilian faiths.

For millennia without end,
Power fought power,
Empire followed empire,
Ruins were built upon ruins.

And teacher followed teacher,
Calling humanity back to
The path of freedom and love.

Buddha, Messiah, Prophet,
Each sought to reform patriarchal faith.
Each, to some degree, was betrayed
By those who followed in his Name.

The era of clashing empires continued,
With covert powers lurking about,
Some on the left path, some the right.
But the path of love & truth was hidden
Amid the myths of a thousand fallen peoples.

The Great Truth was whispered between
Arcane teachers and secret students,
The truth handed down from ancient days,
From long lost temples of old Lemuria:

Thou art God--

No star burns more brightly.
All the public faiths are made
To hide this liberating truth.

So time wore on, the Hidden Stream
Resurfaced, here and there.
Old culture was remembered,
Old myths were retold, though
The tellers risked the stake.

Bit by bit past glories were rebuilt;
Libraries replaced incinerated libraries.

Since Babylon the Great was burned,
No great cities were abandoned
In nearly a thousand years,
The thousand years now ending.

The cycle of conquest and destruction,
Though, peaked in atomic cinders
Near the ending Century's mid point.

As the ending Century started, great revolutions
Of technology and freedom were peaking --
Slavery, they say, abolished; state churches gone;
Incapacity of women evaporating.

Then raging wars as the darkest forces
resisted the light of the coming age.
Solar cross inverted, hammer on the anvil.

The Twentieth Century --
Century of the Great Wars.
Even the "lesser of the evils" burst
A thousand suns upon the cities --
And humanity cried, "War no more..."

So a half century of armed peace -
And rumors of war, and building for war,
And war, war itself, ensued
(but not the ultimate nuclear horror --
Gaia made a burnt offering to Death).

All this time technology evolved,
Linking us in myriad ways,
Creating Gaia's electric nerves.
Now there are no secrets; everyone's
A Guttenberg; we are all connected.

Ideas move the world --
The idea that we are all related,
With one mitochondrial Mother
And can speak one to another,
Is the most powerful idea of the millennium.

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Form, Sound, Number are
Sacred Science's
Pyramid summit of Truth.

III. Hidden Stream

The Standing Stones know the Truth.
The Hidden Stream flows through them.

The Mystery Schools knew it too --
But when that bishop in Athens
Suppressed the rites at Eleusis,
He did not know, and not knowing
Stopped a rivulet that had flowed two thousand years.

In the Dark Ages, All Father Odin
Hung Nine days upon the World Tree
To win the hidden Truth that the Runes encode.
And that stream too flowed forth,
Until it was dammed by the Cross,
Its Truth hidden nearly a thousand years;
Jung knew their power and proclaimed
A new millennial return of the Runes.

And thus it went in many lands and places.
In far Cathay -- the Secret of the Golden Blossom;
In Arabia the Sufi's kept their Secret Garden;
The Kabalah hid sacred geometric Truth;
Alchemy sought to reawaken the power within;
Monks and Sisters from Nippon to Tibet
Followed their paths to deepest Truth.

All, Buddha said, "expedient devices..."

And the conquerors swept away all their work,
And it arose yet again as if from the Earth --
The spontaneous forces of Gaia in the countryside,
The little people, the Fair Ones, the Visitors from beyond,
All tempting humanity back to the Source,
To Truth half remembered from Atlantian chronicles.

Kept secret in sacred bloodlines, the Truth challenged
The vested masters of all the races, priesthood and royalty --
'Til the bloodlines themselves were corrupted with power.
And the Hidden Stream that arose
To Illuminate the modern world
Was tainted with the secret hand-shake,
The worship of Mammon.

"Come all good Bohemians to the Owl of Babylon!"
The modern masters, at the sacrifice, intone.
"All who would be strong must chain themselves to wrong."
The seer whispers to these old and dying masters.

Their rites fail, their control of the Hidden Stream falters
And millennia of power tremble at the coming of a New Age.

Now all can know the hidden Truth that flickers across
A million monitors, if anyone just looks to See.

And those who Look can See.
And those who See can Know.

Thou art God -- none other.

Thus the Hidden Stream bursts forth,
Washing away the crust of ages,
Evaporating the chains of millennia.

Ah! The wailing of the masters, blinded in the Light!

The Light of Truth shinning from the saints of all the ages,
Because "the Dark can neither abide nor penetrate the Light..."

See how all their plans evaporate,
How the Hidden Stream cleanses all:
Furher evoked the Solar Wheel
Reversed and burned his empire down.
Mao stretched forth his hand
To crush the Lamas in their mountain holds --
Now, across the world, the Exile
Celebrates the Kalachakra, again and again.

The Wheel of Time turns; the Stars align -- the Time is right.

All the false masters sought to crush the Spirit,
So only they would hold the Truth, close and secret --
Yet the Truth is everywhere and flows through all our hearts.

The New Age breaks with new mind energies.
A century ends, a millennium begins,
And these words I write are ones and zeros
Flickering across the One Net of humanity's
Brave new immortality.

Seeking to reach out to all
Accelerating Intelligences
of the Cosmos,
We become what surpasses us;
We create the new Eye See (
ICI*) of our dreamings...

We are, at last, becoming Free to be
The Gods and Goddesses we truly are...

And so, She sits serenely, sheaves aglow,
As She watches the flickering flames.

Stepping through shadows,
Forming formless void;
One alights and is Godness.



* ICI - ("EyeSee")  - Individualized Conscious Intelligence

ã Copyright 2000 - 2016
v.02/12/09 / 01.12.15 / 01.05.16

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