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SHRI Research Bulletin #5 (Vol. 1, No. 5)
2002 Annual BioAcoustics Conference

Standardization and Reciprocity

The 8th Annual BioAcoustics Conference opened on Thursday, August 22, 2002, at the Holiday Inn in Parkersbury, West Virginia. Thursday began with the usual shrieks and hugs as BioAcoustics family members from all over the world greeted each other! While we all remain in touch on Sbara, the live contact of each conference is always so much fun! Sharry had set Thursday aside as a day of catch-up and review. She opened the conference by holding up the book "Alternative Medicine-the Definitive Guide", by Alternative Medicine Magazine. Sharry and Sound Health are wonderfully featured in the section on sound, and the magazine is making Sharry's work a "Feature of the Month"! They are also creating a special website link for her that will include client profiles. Sharry announced that the name of the conference was "The Magic of Sound", because BioAcoustics is moving forward so quickly, the results are beginning to seem magical! She announced that seven new computer programs are now available to sell to clients for their use at home. Sharry said that we would be hearing two conference themes: "standardization" and "reciprocity" all weekend, because the work has reached a point where they are of major importance. She continued by announcing that she has been appointed to the faculty of Capitol University in Washington, D.C., and that BioAcoustics classes would become part of their curriculum.

Sharry continued by further describing the new programs which are available for sale to clients. The programs that are available now include a Provider Program, a Muscle Program and the Bodies in Balance Program which is specially designed to use on people wishing to lose weight. Biochemist Lita Lee was excited to see the Bodies in Balance program completed because she had worked hard helping to initiate its data base and cross references. A Kit is available which has all the tools necessary to run these programs, along with one of the programs.

Sharry then announced a "Name the New Korg Program" contest.

Next, we turned to the Vocal Profiling Book and Sharry discussed various nutrients and their relationships. She discussed various ways to approach problem vocal prints and then went over the differences between analog sound and digital sound, reminding us that there are only distorted harmonics in digital, and in BioAcoustics, it is the harmonics that do the work! The natural harmonics of analog are what we must use. Sharry recommended the work of Eldon Byrd who has papers on this subject on the internet as well as Robert Becker's book, "Cross Currents" (p 62 to 65) which describes the human body as an analog system.

Sharry continued by discussing pathogen patterns and how to read them as well as their effects on other parts of the vocal print. She continued by presenting a series of voiceprints, discussing the problems in each. Next, we were broken up into small groups and given vocal prints and case information for analysis. These were shared over lunch. My group, led by Liz Lonergan, worked on "The Case of the Tripping Trauma" about a female who was hurt from tripping over one of her grandchildren. About halfway through analysis, it became apparent, from all the rightbrain activity, that the lady in question was Sharry! But some of those "lights" had me confused, Sharry, and I almost "analyzed you" with cystic fibrosis!

After lunch, Sharry handed out new books and went through them, chapter by chapter. She recommended as a reference database. She continued by discussing toxins in a voiceprint, how to read them and what to do with them. She went on to review the difference between pathogens and infections and then talked about using sonastats as rollovers and looking for matches in same.

After a long day, the group broke for dinner. We then returned to the "classroom" and David Alcorn demonstrated the rollover spreadsheets he has created to make work easier. David has worked very hard, at finding a way to quickly peruse the numbers to look for cross references. He generously handed out discs, so the rest of us can try these spreadsheets.

Friday morning the 2002 conference officially opened with Sharry passing around and recommending various reference books. Sound Health attorney Ralph Fucetola discussed various legal matters with the group and answered questions. Sharry then lectured on genomes, explaining that they can be activated by pathogens and going over what she has learned of them thus far. She also introduced the spectacular new Svani Program ("Sva----ni, how I love ya, how I love ya, -sorry!), which we all hope to be using soon. This program locates common denominators in the vocal harmonics to pinpoint problems. It promises to make analysis easier and less time consuming.

Dino Deane discussed two very unusual projects he has taken on. One concerns "Entity Possession". Working with a spiritual teacher who uses printed archetypes or symbols to remove entities, Dino reduced the "prints" to sound and got a specific frequency equivalent. He plays this during sessions where an entity is being removed. I found this very interesting- Sharry has always talked about the higher octaves dealing with the spiritual. Dino, I wonder what would happen if you used this frequency in a higher octave? I also suggest that you talk with my son- he plays some music(?!) that no self-respecting entity would hang around to hear!

Dino continued by explaining 'juniper allergy', a common allergy in the southwest. Since Dino works in an alternative healing center, he sees a lot of this allergy and he himself was a 'sufferer'. He found a narrow range of frequency equivalents that relieved his own suffering and then began charging water with these frequencies, or playing them in a tonebox that rests on the client's stomach. Allergy season begins in December and explodes in March, so next year Dino will have a major report on this project, right Dino?

Sharry has been asked about the work of other alleged sound practitioners. While Sharry admires the work of the late Dr. Alfred Tomatis, Don Campbell and others, there are some 'out there' who don't appear to know what they are doing. So after lunch, Sharry discussed her analysis of Nicole Lavoie's "work" which consists of taking FE's she got from a former student of Sharry's and mixing them into combinations we would never use, printing them onto cd's and selling them as miracle cures. Sharry showed us the FE combinations Nicole is using. All I can say, is that if Nicole keeps selling this junk, she is going to increase business for legitimate BioAcoustics Research Associates because we are going to be fixing up her messes! The down side is that she may end up ruining the reputation of sound therapy. Her CD's are expensive, selling for several hundred dollars per set!

After lunch, Dorine Davis of the Davis Center in New Jersey shared the text of a presentation she made at the American Academy of Audiology Convention in April, 2002. Her lecture explored the connection between the ear and the voice, as developed by Dr. Alfred Tomatis, and supported same by finding spontaneous otoacoustic emissions that corresponded to brainwave multiples.

Next Liana Alexakis shared a glaucoma case study with us. Liana's client suffered from knee pain and was seeking relief for same. After six months of knee muscle formulas, the client reported to Liana that the glaucoma she had suffered with for three years, was gone! The pressure had dropped and stabilized! This turned out to be another case of BioAcoustic cross-referencing.

I spoke next on the importance of seeing clients regularly and over a period of time in order to observe changes they experience. Chronic cases, especially, must be followed up or the "research" is useless. Judy Chambers followed with a "weight loss" case, in which appetite control was an issue. She found, from the numbers that progesterone appears to help control cortisol, a stress hormone that stores in stomach fat. This is also interesting because progesterone has the same frequency equivalent as another substance that is used to beat stress. I am thinking of a new "diet" here.......

Liz Lonergan followed Judy, with a Multiple Sclerosis case. Her client had developed MS from a Herpes 6 strain. Liz fed her birthday wheel as a rollover and it included the frequency equivalent for Acyclovir. Over time, this appears to have reversed the MS!! Liz also spoke about a serious sports related injury. The client had been told he would need surgery and many months of physical therapy for his knee injury and he had a lot of pain. He could not move his knee and it was badly swollen. While testing sounds on him, he denied any changes going on, until he realized that he was moving his knee as he spoke! By the next morning, the swelling was gone and he was healing way ahead of schedule!

Most of us attempted to sleep on those granite boards the Hotel passed off as beds on Friday night, but a few managed to slip over a security fence and spend some extra time in the hot-tub! There are rumors that 'someone' (letter-D; fabulous singing voice and super computer programmer, but I won't say who!) even managed to star in the 'Hotel Security Video Camera Movie of That Night'!! I hear they are selling copies.........

By Saturday morning, most of us were feeling conference fatigue (is there an FE for that?!). Not so Hope Pantazis who lucked out at this conference since the Hotel had a decently equipped gym and she didn't have to find a local YMCA gym this year! The gym had a glass wall facing the hallway, and many, many times when I passed by, there was Hope doing that "stairs" thing! I shouldn't tease- Hope is probably the healthiest one among us and she sets a great example by sticking to her regimen! Maybe that "Sound Health Do All" machine we've been talking about should include a treadmill? We could push buttons and compare rollovers while zipping along at some speedy pace! This is the way I start thinking by Saturday morning, when my mind is

playing hide and seek in my feet, and my waterbed is hundreds of miles away! As Sharry says (whenever something startling shows up in the numbers!), "Oh my Loooord!"

Saturday's session opened with Sharry presenting the 'New and Improved' Starter Wheel. She continued with a discussion of the numbers she had found that relate to the obesity linked virus, AD36.

Next, a Marketing Panel was introduced. It included Ralph Fucetola as the Moderator, Chet Linton, Dino Deane, Lita Lee, Dorinne Davis and Eric Kalugin. Ralph explained the various Sound Health entities and their purposes and limits, and then Chet spoke about finding objectives, consistency within the work and (that word again!) standardization. Dorinne and Eric talked about running a BioAcoustics Office, becoming recognized, creating budgets, dealing with follow-ups and developing consistency. Lita focussed on creating rapport with your clients and loving your work. She suggested doing lectures, writing articles and doing radio shows to get noticed. Dino works in an alternative clinic. He spoke about the importance of developing a good reputation and giving a client a good experience because that experience is what brings the client and others back.

After a short break, Ralph Fucetola spoke on "Your Right to Practice", emphasizing standardization and the legal climate for alternatives. He reminded us to be careful of the words we use to describe this work to our clients and the public.

Sharry showed a section of a new video (soon to be available) about vibrational medicine. The section shown to us deals with a young girl who had developmental and learning problems which were successfully turned about after sessions with Sharry! Next, Sharry introduced Lita Lee who spoke about her various projects, including a pathogen case, and a brown recluse spider case where there was also iron toxicity that responded positively to a sulfur/cortisol rollover. Later prints verified a decrease in the iron frequency equivalent.

Lita continued by discussing various substances, their effects on each other and their effects on humans. She shared what she has been learning about toxins and how to deal with them and she is currently doing research and a project in this area.

After lunch, Donna introduced the new programs --THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!!! The new Korg program features three modes: the practitioner mode; the provider mode and the consumer mode and reports can be printed out from the results in all three modes. The new voiceprint program will pick out points and put them directly on the data list. It will locate points in a chart that you need to check. It also has "drag" capability, so that you can move across the print without going out and in as we do now. Hopefully, these new programs, with all their bells and whistles, will be available to us shortly!

Saturday afternoon, we took a break from the conference while the Board of Directors met to plan ahead. Bill Edwards called their meeting to order and Sharry Edwards reported on costs of the new computer program development and discussion continued on the need to commercialize some aspects of Sound Health. Wanda Edwards, Sharry Edwards, Bill Edwards, Liz Lonergan, and Eric Kalugin were elected to the board, and Bill Edwards was elected President and C/B and Wanda Edwards was elected Secretary. A Mission Statement for the Marketing Company is being prepared. Sound Health Research Institute was discussed along with the need to bring in funding. Trustees for SHRI are Sharry Edwards, Director, Dr. Terry Bugno, and Ralph Fucetola. Tommy Priakos is the new Sbara webmaster.

Saturday evening, we enjoyed the annual Sound Health Banquet in the Hotel Dining Room Tommy entertained us with music and then Ralph introduced the new Board of Directors. Sharry told a story about an ant and a contact lens- you had to be there- and then handed out certificates and awards. Aussie Betty Palm led us in a very physical and very funny "singing rollover", Harry Rhodes played a very teeny tiny harmonica flawlessly with his tongue rolled into a funnel shape (a special talent!) and I sang about Friday morning brain fuzz and a perfect pathogen hump. The 'contest' was a tie-(I guess we are all equally awful!)(a Sharry edit - "GREAT, SUPER, SPLENDID) and we laughed a lot and then Donna took over and She sang beautifully and Tommy played wonderfully, and then many of us went over to the bar for the annual Saturday night 'drink and talk-fest'!

Sunday morning is always a mixed bag of emotions. Everyone is tired from several days of study, but disappointed that our time together as a family is almost over for the year! So Sharry opened the morning session with an upbeat introduction of the new BioAcoustics Loga (which is what she used back in 1991!), the TRIMASTER. Tommy Priakos introduced the new website he is designing and then Sharry got back to work! First she introduced Jenna Budz who did a report on the tremendous work she and Sharry did in New York with persons doing rescue work at the World Trade Center ruins. These people are all experiencing health issues, particularly related to toxins and breathing problems. Jen took hundreds of voice samples which she and Sharry fed into the computers. Their analysis was able to show precisely what toxins were causing the most problems for these people. Unfortunately, the NYC bureaucracy was unwilling to purchase tone boxes which would have helped to reverse these problems. As BioAcoustics becomes more mainstream, that attitude should reverse!

Sharry continued with a discussion on using BioAcoustics to help those who are dying. Vocal Coherence becomes very tight just before death. Two new frequencies for biochemicals related to death were given. Tommy discussed how important it was for him to be able to give comfort to his father, who recently died after a stroke. BioAcoustic Sounds allowed him to be a part of his father's passing in a very positive way.

Next, Sharry answered various questions from the audience and then she surprised us with a further demonstration of the SVANI program and how it works. After placing a vocal print into Genesis, Sharry made a Numeric Sonastat Report in BWMs, and then went to the cocktails and put in the disorder (example: depression). She then took the numbers from the "depression" list that matched the sonastats (in this case 'calcium') and then compared all the calcium rollovers to the vocal data (in the Numeric Sonastat Report). There were two matches on the vocal print with calcium rollovers, so she compared these two to the original root rollovers. Following this procedure, brings you to FEs that are most important to your client. The best thing about this is that the SVANI will do much of the analysis as well as print out reports!

Sharry continued by answering more audience questions and then one student presented a study he did on Parkinson's Disease, emphasizing the toxicity he found in the voiceprints he researched. Radio signal pollution was discussed and the session and conference ended with Donna demonstrating more of the new programs she is designing. We all agreed to 'get together' more often for SBARA chats, and after hugs and kisses, headed homeward.

As always, the office staff did a super job of putting this conference together. Somehow, every year, they manage to do this in spite of all the other "every day" work they have to do, and along with all the "surprise from Sharry" work that regularly comes in! Thank you, Wanda, Tina, Barb, Lisa, June and you too, Alisha, once again, from all of us! And thank you Sharry, for having the vision, the courage, the fortitude and the integrity to bring this science forth.

Kathy Greene Fucetola

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