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Permanent Internet Injunction
Posted on the Internet by Ralph Fucetola JD

Ralph Fucetola, JD
Attorney for Plaintiffs


Chancery Division - *** County
Civil Action

And Judgment by Default
Upon Verified Complaint
Docket No. ***-02

This matter was brought before the Court upon Motion for Judgment by Default and Permanent Injunction. The Court has considered the Verified Complaint and Amendment thereto, the Order to Show Cause of October 7, 2002, the Preliminary Injunction of October 30, 2002 and the moving papers. It appears that Defendants have not filed an answer, counterclaim or other responsive pleading within the time permitted by the aforesaid Order to Show Cause. Upon reviewing the Verified Complaint and documents submitted with regard to this matter, and considering the Testimony and Exhibits offered by Plaintiffs, the Court is satisfied as to the sufficiency of the application for Judgment by Default and Permanent Injunction, and for good cause shown,

It is hereby ORDERED on this 13th day of December, 2002 that JUDGMENT BY DEFAULT is hereby entered against the Defendants and each of them to the extent necessary to issue this Permanent Injunction.

Further ORDERED that Defendants, and each of them, their agents, employees, officers, attorneys, and representatives and all persons who have placed or have control over the placement of the *** Letter onto the Internet or World Wide Web, are hereby Permanently Enjoined, until further order of Court, from engaging in or performing any acts that will maintain the presence of the *** Letter of February 9, 2001 (as set forth in the Verified Complaint and Amendment thereto, hereafter, *** Letter) at www.*** or elsewhere on the world wide web and/or internet.

Further ORDERED and MANDATED that the *** Letter shall be forthwith removed from the world wide web and/or internet so that there will be no further public access to the *** Letter through the internet media.

Further ORDERED that a true copy of this Order shall be served upon the Defendants by mailing same to each Defendant by Priority Mail, Delivery Confirmation, within 7 days of the date hereof, to the following addresses: ***.

Further ORDERED that all persons in concert with any of the above named, or their successors or assigns, who receive copies of this Order hereafter, are hereby enjoined from posting or maintaining the *** Letter on the world wide web and/or internet, and that same shall be removed forthwith upon receipt of this Order.

Further ORDERED that this Court shall keep jurisdiction of this matter for the purpose of enforcing this Order, upon ex parte application of Plaintiffs. The remainder of the claims hereunder are hereby transferred to the Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division for further proceedings.

/s/ *** J.S.C.


This copy of the Permanent Injunction has had personal information removed to protect the privacy of the individual Plaintiffs.
For further details see Internet Injunction.

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