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"I've represented a diverse group of vitamin companies...
offering the whole gambit of dietary supplements.

I've reviewed the on-line claims for even more.

An FDA report to Congress indicated that there are over...
fifteen hundred nutrient purveyors in America... with their own-labeled products.

I want to tell you about a few of them --
since my family and I use their extraordinary products and
the Internet is a great way to let "word of mouth" spread,
but, please, this list is not meant to disparage the
thousands of other purveyors out there...
including my other clients, and future clients..."
Ralph Fucetola JD

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So here are The Vitamin Lawyer's New Millennium Nutrient Picks -

Silver 100ä -- -- for ionic silver, one step beyond colloidal*.
For more information - #Silver

Electronic Research Alliance -- Zappera

Lita Lee, Ph.D.--

Green Turtle Bay -- -- Sunnie and Diabetiksâ.
For more info - #GTBV -

Diabetiksâ claims have been considered by the FDA and the company has been permitted to market the product for Diabetics.

Age-force - HGH nutrients, Nano-dilution GH oral spray, homeopathic GH Seal.
For more information -
Age Force

Accuslim's self reprogramming CDs help supercharge the awesome capacity of the mind to mold the body,

"From the moment you begin listening to The ACCUSLIM System four phase audio program and taking our proprietary Ephedra* Free formula developed with only the finest and most effective natural ingredients found, you will begin making healthier, smarter and more slimming choices."



Rife Store

Little Back Box

BioLogicsä -- -- neuro-nutrients extraordinary!


A good source of the micro-nutrient Indium,

Cell Phone Wave Shieldä Energy Shielding,

Not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure
any disease, medical or psychological condition.

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Here's a bit more about some of the products.

Ionic Silver is preferred over colloidal  and "mild protein" silvers*.

Silver is a micro nutrient found in trace amounts in many fruits and other foods. The ionic form has much finer particles.

Green Turtle Bay Vitamin Company -

Sunnie's name ought to be its claim!  Excellent multivitamin!
Green Turtle Bay also features an excellent Omega oil, Signal 369

Diabetiks is Green Turtle Bay's product formulated to meet nutrient needs of many diabetics (but not to treat the disease). This claim is now permitted by the FDA for this specific product, see the Vitamin Lawyer News Page news.html or diabetiksfda.html for information on the FDA letter.

BioLogic's products are so "leading edge" you need to really research them to understand,

Age-Force - HGH nutrients, sprays and the unique homeopathic Seal.

Age-Force offers nano-dilution GH oral sprays based on placebo controlled private studies that appear to show that such nano-supplementation can support normal HGH production. Purchase link, click Here.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA.
Not intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, mitigate or cure disease.

Please check all the cautioning information
about all these products, on their web sites & labels.

For ephedra products, see,
For silver products, see

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Here are some of my favorite non-profit sites

 The Life Extension Foundation -- LifeSpirit LEF Link. LEF supports significant longevity research and offers the finest leading-edge source of nutrients anywhere. Buy through this connection and support LifeSpirit Center too.

LifeSpirit Organization, for links to links in the Alt Mode.

Institute for Health Research, with the 911 Aftermath,
Bio-terrorism and Alternatives Message Board,

The LifeSpirit Connection, for NYC Metro Area resources.

Sound Health Research Institute,

The Story of Indomitable Will - Human BioAcoustics and Tetraplegea

AbundaLife Clinic
Northeast Holistic Center
Casa Alma
Goen Foundation
LifeSpirit Center
On Line Cemetery
Holistic Healers Academy
Healing Miracles Clinic
World Natural Health Organization

Join the world peace effort, Only Love Prevails

More links, at The Vitamin Lawyer Links Page, vitlinks.html

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So pass this information on, "mum's the word..." -- not!

Ralph Fucetola, JD
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2002 O Spurgeon English Humanitarian
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