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Third Party Links

I neither adopt nor endorse the third party information found on these sites.
Links updated from time to time. Recent Links -

Three sites on Health Research Ethics
http://ohrp.osophs.dhhs.gov/humansubjects/guidance/45cfr46.htm - Code of Fed. Regs
http://ohrp.osophs.dhhs.gov/humansubjects/guidance/belmont.htm - Belmont Report
http://www.wma.net/e/policy/b3.htm  - The Declaration of Helsinki

The International Red Cross - access to The Geneva Conventions

The Safety of Dietary Supplements
LaLeva, homepage, http://www.laleva.cc/indexeng.html

Some alternative conventions:
The Holistic Awareness Declaration
The Wilton Declaration
The Holistic Code

The Herbalists' Charter of Henry VIII

NIACR - alternative conflict resolution - http://www.niacr.org

NIH Database on Dietary Supplements

Accredited distance learning program

Red Flags Daily, http://redflagsweekly.com/index.html

Consumer Watch's Best Practices

Silver Certificates, alternative money - http://www.norfed.org

Vaccination Choice and Injury Information & Links, vacinfo.html
For information on Company Formation, Vitamin Lawyer Corporation Connection.
Central Source for Vaccination News, www.vaccinationnews.com
FDA on allowed claims, http://www.cfsan.fda.gov/~dms/hclaims.html
FDA & FTC Regulation of Vitamin Companies
Vitamin Lawyer Free Online Seminar, a collection of legal & other articles

Government Information Awareness -- links to information on government connected individuals and companies
Madame Lafarge on the Internet...) http://opengov.media.mit.edu./GIA/TIA.html.

The Institute for Health Research has established a 9/11 Aftermath Message Board.

George Ann Hughes' Byte Show, www.thebyteshow.com

Cell Phone Wave Shield (TM) Energy Shielding, http://www.waveshield.com/lifespirit

FTC on Use of Testimonials - http://www3.ftc.gov/bcp/guides/endorse.htm

Source Materials in American History, http://odur.let.rug.nl/~usa/index.htm

Health Freedom States - http://www.healthlobby.com/statelaw.html from Monica Miller

Opposition to Forced Psychiatry, http://mindfreedom.org/

What to do - encounters with police, http://www.lawcollective.org/

The Little Back Box - www.little-back-box.com


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Alternative Health News Online, http://www.altmedicine.com
Candida Information, http://www.candidainternational.org/html/home.htm
International Independent Researchers, www.docmike.com
The Rife Store, www.rifestore.com
Fully Informed Jury Association, www.FIJA.org
Litigation Phone Tree - http://www.freewebs.com/phonetree/
(public awareness of sensitive cases).
NCCAM FAQs on Homeopathy, http://nccam.nih.gov/health/homeopathy/index.htm
A good source of the micro-nutrient Indium, http://www.indiumforlife.com/
Homeopathic Pharmacists Association, http://www.homeopathyresource.org/
Dr. Bradley Carey, World Natural Health Organization

Larry Becraft, Jr., Esq., http://www.networkusa.org/
A decent nutrient site, http://www.charmhealth.com/
International Health Freedom Petition, www.laleva.org
Health Freedom Law Reporter, www.healthfreedomlaw.com
Starr Fuentes, Divine Intervention, www.starrfu.com
Lita Lee Ph.D., enzymes and more:
Sharry Edwards, BioAcoustics, www.soundhealthinc.com
Sound Health Research Institute, www.soundhealthresearch.org/
Accredited distance learning program http://www.HolisticHealersAcademy.com
Biologics' brain nutrients - http://www.biologicsonline.com/
The AbundaLife Clinic in Asbury Park, NJ, http://www.abundalife.com/
Dr. Eva Lee Snead's site, http://www.healingmiraclesclinic.com
Excellent source of Ionic Silver (the next step beyond colloidal) www.silver100.com
Natural Healing through Herbs, www.leaflady.org
Five Elements Center (homeopathy), http://www.holistic-center.net/
Dr. Heriberto Gonzalez, ND http://www.medicinanatural.com/
Dr. Rebecca Carley, MD, http://www.drcarley.com/
Dr. Hulda Clark Research Association, www.drclark.net
Green Turtle Bay -- nutrients and information, www.energywave.com
International Advocates for Health Freedom, www.iahf.com
Mystic Gateway Holistic Center, http://www.mysticgateway.org/
Life Extension Foundation, www.lef.org
Kaj Nagy, Whale Songs & BioAcoustics, www.insideoutput.com
Conspiracy Theory Research List (CTRL) -  http://www.ctrl.org/
TriPodRock - www.tripodrock.org
Searches - http://www.searchhippo.com
Light Language Healing & Divine Intervention with Mem Masnik, M.S.S.W., 973-770-2597 (Mt. Arlington, NJ)
The National Health Federation, www.thenhf.com

International Society for Individual Liberty, http://www.isil.org
The Philosophy of Liberty,


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Get Smart Vitamins, www.getsmartvitamins.com
Instrumental Transcommunication, http://www.worlditc.org/
International Campaign for Tibet, http://www.savetibet.org/
Palmtherapy, www.palmtherapy.com
Mystic Visions, www.aksworld.com
Thousands of pages on CJD, Mad Cows etc, www.mad-cow.org
Dennis Grover's Knowledge = Freedom site, www.knowfree.com
Emissary of Light, www.emissaryoflight.com
Lightwing Center www.lightwing.org
Libertarian Party, www.lp.org
Northeast Holistic Center www.healnhc.org
Online Memorial Park, www.onlinecemetery.org
LifeSpirit Congregational Church link list www.lifespirit.org
LifeSpirit Center, http://www.lifespiritcenter.org/
The LifeSpirit listing of metro area practitioners & others,
New Jersey Natural Health Coalition, www.njnhc.org
Wes Bennett's www.knowledgeisthecure.com
Institute for Health Research, www.inhere.org
Starduster Society, www.stardustersociety.org
Robert Anton Wilson, www.rawilson.com
The Friendly Stranger, www.thefriendlystranger.com
Scoliosis Care Foundation, www.scoliosiscare.org
Holistic Practitioners' Code, www.lifespirit.org/holisticcode.html
Only Love Prevails, www.lifespirit.org/onlyloveprevails.html
Inner Light's products, http://www.innerlightinc.com/80073
Consumer Watch's Best Practices, http://www.consumerwebwatch.org/bestpractices/index.html
Larry Becraft, Esq. is an attorney I've known for years who has a great reputation among patriots.
Some interesting spray vitamins, http://www.vitamist.com/
NY bankruptcy lawyer
G Edward Griffin, http://www.freedomforceinternational.org

The Vitamin Lawyer's nutrient picks, vitpicks.html

Important Alternative Modality Web Site
Tim Bolen, JuriMed - Public Relations and Research Group
"Strategies for Government Besieged Health Professionals."

The Vitamin Lawyer's services and fees, vitservices.html

To suggest or correct links, ralph.fucetola@usa.net

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