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Sharry Edwards, M.Ed.
Director of Sound Health Research Institute, Inc.

Ms. Edwards is the Director of SHRI, a non-profit, educational research institute dedicated to the pioneering and emerging field of Human BioAcousticsä .

2002 - O Spurgeon English Humanitarian Award.


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Through the concept of vocal coherence, Edwards has been able to demonstrate that the human voice is a unique frequency representation of the structural and biochemical aspects of the body. Courses developed from the technology pioneered by Edwards, is the genesis of a three level certificate course offered by Hocking College's Allied Health Program. Last year Steve Halpern announced that Edwards' courses are the only college credit certificate program dedicated to SOUND HEALING in the US.

An international speaker, author and leader in the field of SOUND HEALTH, Edwards is regularly invited to lecture and conduct workshops for professionals concerning the body's own unique ability, through voice spectral analysis, to diagnose and prescribe for itself.

Using the idea that frequencies contained in the voice are holographic representations of your state of health, the field of BioAcoustics was born. The preliminary work for BioAcoustic Vocal Profiling was part of Ms. Edwards' undergraduate work at Ohio University. She now works in cooperation with other educational institutes and is a faculty member of the Capital University Integrative Medicine Program (W.DC.)

Three decades of development by Sharry Edwards has shown that every muscle, compound, process and structure of the body has a Frequency Equivalentä that can be mathematically calculated. This provides the foundation for the concept that the body's ability to heal itself can originate as frequency interactions between the molecular signals of the entire body. When these patterns become discordant, dis-ease is the result

Ms. Edwards’ sophisticated approach uses (1) standard Windows' technology to record a voice .wav file then (2) a standard frequency analysis program to identify the stressed frequencies and (3) the BioGenesisä and Svaniä Programs to complete the Voice Spectral Analysis by identifying harmonizing Frequency Equivalentä series, allowing the whole person to achieve and maintain a healthy status. (4) The Square Oneä program is then used to input the frequencies into an appropriate tone generating device.  This is a purely non-medical technology that does not intend to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any human disease condition, since it does not identify disease nor does it need to know anything about disease in order for it to recommend harmonizing frequencies.

The programs do not know anything about disease, they only knows about harmonic relationships among frequencies and a bit about the relationship between substance and frequency. The art in this research modality is when the research associate chooses which stressed notes to put into the programs, to identify the corrective frequencies.

BioAcoustic vocal prints can be used to determine which nutrient frequencies are required by your body: taking the guess work out of using supplements.

BioAcoustics can be used as a predictive measurement for athletes, bodybuilders and sports enthusiasts to identify the frequencies for the muscles that are too weak or too strong. BioAcoustics can help identify a potential muscle injury before it happens; keeping players off the bench!

Sensitive persons often experience symptoms before conventional lab tests reveal any actual problem. BioAcoustics evaluations have been able to provide information that can allow the physician and client to manage the approaching disease process before it becomes established.

The emerging field of Human BioAcoustics has been developed with a minimum of support from the medical community, the government or private funding. Had it had not been for the courage, tenacity, determination and just plain fortitude, that is the basic nature of Sharry Edwards, Human BioAcoustics would not be a part of our future. The evidence speaks for itself! One important goal of SHRI is to show that Human BioAcoustics can help the body identify and reverse its own disease. Sharry Edwards' work has provided a monumental leap into the next evolutionary step in medicine and wellness care.

As a predictive, evaluative assessment of the body, BioAcoustics is well on its way to becoming an intrinsic part of the health of the future.

BioAcoustics is not intended to diagnose, prescribe for, treat or claim to prevent, mitigate or cure any disease. The term Frequency Equivalent is a Service Mark of BioAcoustics and Sharry Edwards. The Sound Health Research Institute is an independent, exempt non-profit corporation established to support Human BioAcoustics research.

Ms. Edwards Featured in New Book!
Health on the Edge:
Visionary Views of Healing in the New Millennium

by Larry Trivieri - Publication Date:  12/25/03
More details: Media Release - 01/01/04

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