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If you have a company or plan to start one,
this is what the Vitamin Lawyer can do for you.

 Help you determine and set up your company's structure

· Proprietorship
· Corporation (and which state to register in)

Forming a Company

 Protect your intellectual property through:

· Trademark
· Patent
· Copyright

Internet Injunction Lawyer Website

Email me with questions:

 Regulatory compliance for your products

· Labels
· Health claims and marketing literature
· GMP procedures

FDA & FTC Regulations

 Marketing support

· Protecting intellectual property
· Pricing strategies;
   what to do when your distributors deep discount your product
· Check and check mate; your competitive advantage

Vitamin Lawyer On-Line Seminar

 Web site oversight

· Site use statements - SUS
· Regulatory conformity - FDA/FTC
· Vitamin lawyer seal of approval - Oversight Seal

 So now you have made your mark -
 how do you conserve your assets?

· Family trusts
· "Onion layers" to distance you from liability
· Tax strategies and company succession

Asset Protection


cGMPs are Coming to the Vitamin Industry!
Proposed Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Is Your Company Ready?!?  Click below to learn more!
1. Vitamin Lawyer Report

2. Preparing for a Surprise FDA inspection!


Precedent Setting Internet Injunctions
April 2004 TRO Granted
Internet Trademark Cybersquatting Case
Permanent Injunction
in Internet Defamation, Trademark & Harassment

Vitamin Lawyer defends SUNNIE® Trademark

Vitamin Lawyer On Line Seminar - FREE!

FDA Allows "Diabetiks® "Brand Name
With Disclaimer from The Vitamin Lawyer

How the Vitamin Lawyer Can Help

How I got DHEA Legalized in 1995

Mum Marketing - Niches on the Internet

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Vitamin Lawyer Seminars for Professional Healers


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This site has information for
vitamin users and nutrient purveyors.

Consumer information is primarily accessible Here.

This site also provides the means for web based dietary supplement businesses and organizations to contact an attorney at law with over twenty five years experience in the nutrient field. I have recently made myself available to review web sites for compliance with Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) advertising and labeling requirements, to permit web merchants and organizations the opportunity to benefit from my experience.

With the adopting of Nutrient Advertising Guidelines by the FTC in November 1998 and the formal Structure and Function Rule by the FDA in early 2000, the Federal authorities have signaled an increase in oversight regarding nutrient internet claims. A number of States have also taken a more active role in regulating nutrient claims, especially regarding certain herbs and nutrients used in weight control. Regulatory action and private law suits have greatly increased during the past several years while various grace periods in the regulations have begun to run, requiring more careful compliance by all vendors.

Information for Nutrient Purveyors on FDA/FTC Concerns, Vitamin Lawyer News.

How the Vitamin Lawyer can help your company, Help.


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