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Ralph Fucetola JD

Online Payment Page

Ralph Fucetola, JD
The Vitamin Lawyer.com Consultancy
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Online Payment Page
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 If we've agreed upon a retainer and entered into an agreement by exchange of emails, or for an invoice from me, you can make a secure payment by using PayPal and any checking account, debit or credit card. Current hourly rate: $350 (retainer rate $300). I provide these services under letter of direction.

Items # 1 & 2: the "quantity" equals the number of hours or half hours reserved.
Items # 3 - 4: for retainers by agreement (in $100 & $250 increments).

#1 - Per Half Hour ($175.00)

#2 - Per Hour ($350)

#3 - $100 Increments

#4 - $250 Increments

#5 - $300 Increments (Hourly - Prepaid/Nonprofit/Retainer Clients)

#6 - $150 Increments (Half-Hour - Prepaid/Nonprofit/Retainer Clients)

You can use any checking account, credit or debit card with PayPal.
You will receive an email confirmation of your PayPal payment.
PayPal home page: www.paypal.com

Or, if you need to snail-mail or want to wire, email me in advance --
Please make check or money order out to
Vitamin Lawyer Consultancy

Thank you!
Ralph Fucetola JD

attorney at Law in NJ - 1971 - 2006
Notary Public in NJ #2398815

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 Ralph Fucetola JD

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